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New Rider-Whats on and what to ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by heregoes, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I love forums like this, so much useful info!

    Anyway i am a recent graduate into accounting and to add a bit of excitement to the numbers i thought i might look into getting a bike (not to mention training into town is giving me the shites) Of course now there is no going back, i have already gone out and spent 2k on the riding gear (bit of an impulse buyer). So now i would like your thought on the choice of bike, learning to ride and rides around town.

    So firstly i am looking at getting a good-looking sports bike, preferably a 600 like the Honda CBR 600 or Yamaha R6 or Triumph Daytona 600. I am leaning towards the Triumph because i know of a really good deal on one atm. I will be using it to get into town (I live about 20k from Brisbane) and weekend joy rides. Now i have never actually ridden much, maybe a few times off road, so am i kidding my self thinking i can ride this bike first off? I have my open licence (car) and my RE learners, from what i read that means once i am done with q ride i should be legally allowed to ride the 600's?!?

    Secondly I was just wondering about other groups that ride form around McDowall in the north of Brisbane that i could join up with once i have had a bit more practice riding?

    Any tips or advice would be appreciated Cheers guys

  2. heregoes, welcome to the friendly forum. Be prepared for gnashing of teeth from those south of you who can't graduate that quickly!!
  3. welcome, won't even hold the accounting thingy against you!

    if your looking to do a q-ride course, happy to recommend smart ride @ boondall, i can dig up the details if you want.
  4. pfft, not all of us southerners get all jealous when someone does something that we wouldn't/couldn't/didn't :p :p :p

    i'd seriously have a think about a less racey bike if this is the first bike. its not that 600s are all that scarey, its just that the racey ones tend to well... a bit racey :LOL: focused on track use, not learner road riding.

    maybe an SV650S with the full faring kit, the triumph triple thats got full faring (sprint??), or a 600 inline 4 sports tourer thats got a friendlier power curve like the cbr600f or yzf600r?

    just a suggestion, but i dont really think the track based sportsbikes are really the best thing for a learner... unless your DEAD keen on the idea, i'd say you'd be better off with a slightly more conservative bike. or not, you'll have a blast on a racey bike once you get used to it :twisted:
  5. Welcome Richard :)

    Hope you have success in your bike hunting quest. Living in Queensland and owning a bike are a must! :LOL:
  6. Thanks for that guys…I think, did not quite get it all…

    For the q-ride I think I will go through Morgan & Waker, they seem to have a good name and are pretty close to where I live. Hopefully I will have all my gear before I start so that I can do it in my own stuff and go home and practice, probably on grass or some thing for a wile. :LOL:

    As for the bike, this is becoming a tough call, I am still worried about the extra power…but you just gotta love the bike!?! :twisted:
  7. If you have disapline you will be ok :grin: if you dont good luck :shock:
  8. I'd go for a 250 first as well. You can't get into as much trouble. Although bikes only go as fast as you twist the throttle :grin: