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New Rider - Western Sydney CBR300R

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Beyblade, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Got my L's a few months ago and just purchased a new CBR300R ABS in tricolor. Only had 30mins experience riding it so far mostly stalling it and learning to the shift points on the bike. Not having a gear indicator is kinda annoying but many say its not necessary. Still need a lot of practice before i take this onto the road with traffic. For now its quiet back streets for me.

    Since i know nothing about motorcycles i will probably be the one asking all the questions for help. Hopefully in due time i will know enough about my motorcycle to help others in return. ^_^

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  2. Welcome along! No problems asking questions here, better than making mistakes on the road! Enjoy the 300, they aren't a bad bike :)
  3. Welcome aboard :) nice bike
  4. Welcome bud, it's always enjoyable to share a new riders experiences, post em up good and bad, everyone's been there and like to pass back.
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I think the 300 is a good bike.
  6. Welcome beyblade,

    Grats on your new bike! I am also from Western sydney. Maybe we can head out for a ride some time :)
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  7. Hello beyblade, welcome, I too ride a Honda 300, for about 3 months now, therefore please ask any questions as I probably went through the same.
  8. Welcome bud. Nice purchase and I look forward to hearing more on how you're progressing. I go for my L's next month.
  9. Welcome mate, good choice of first bike. I hope you have fun on it!
  10. Noob lessons/suggestions learnt so far to pass onto other noobs riders:
    1. read the complete owners manual thoroughly before jumping on the bike. I know you might be excited to jump on it and reading sucks but just do it!! :D
    2. Bikes stuck in neutral? release the clutch and hold it again and then try shifting. :p
    3. you might think riding with sneakers would be more comfortable for a first short ride since thats all you have used during your L's course but its not when shifting gears. Just use the new boots you purchased, it makes shifting on your feet feel like nothing at all and just nicer to plant your feet down on the road when rolling to a stop and taking off.
    4. ride late afternoons or night time. You might think im crazy for suggesting this but if your bike and helmet isn't black you should be visible enough for drivers. Since its summer for me mostly having 43C + temp's and Christmas holidays riding at 8pm-10pm suited me best and the roads and highways hardly have any cars on the road which if perfect.
    5. when taking turns slow down before the turn and roll through using little throttle. I had this issue where i would cut the throttle or hold the clutch in during the turns and my bike wanted to stand up straight again. Someone was showing me this video....its a bit silly (actor wise) and damn long but it has some valid points that explains this and a few other things

    6. Dont be so quick to put your feet on the pegs when roll off in case you need to make a fast stop because a car is going too fast through the street rushing/hooning/whatever.
    7. when filling up with fuel you might be wondering why no fuel comes out when you pull the trigger all the way like on a car. Unfortunately you need to slightly pull the trigger a tad to get the fuel out which might seem slow but that's just how it is when filling up these bikes. For your first time filling up i suggest doing this at night as well since its quieter.

    Bike Review:
    So i have only ever ridden on cb125e, vtr250 and a cbr300r.

    Seating position on cb125e is easiest and less threatening being upright like a bicycle. Its defiantly slow but safe to learn on but give it a day or two and you will hate how slow the cbr125e is and how much throttle is needed just to move.

    Great response being a v-twin but be careful of fishtailing the rear wheel when shifting down gears. It has a very akward seating position and no abs so i don't recommend it. I didn't enjoy riding it during a course day and went back to the cb125e, but that's just my opinion.

    cbr300r abs
    this bike is perfect for learners in fact any bike around this cc's range with abs is what i am going to recommend. The seat is comfortable and the seating position is perfect as well. I will admit the engine doesn't sound the best but an exhaust could possibly fix this. The handling on this bike is really enjoyable and the bike is happy to flick around corners with minimum effort. For instance instead of leaning one side you can simply wiggle your hips and it the bike is happy to flick left or right simply because the bike only weighs 163 kg's. The brakes feel fine but im still breaking the bike in since its still new. As for fuel i tried to fill up 1/2 the tank it cost me $5 using premium 98. Unleaded 95 is recommended but it wants available but still its very cheap. Full comprehensive insurance is about $350 and green slip is around $300. Yes there are better 300cc class bikes but for the low price and maintenance this is the better beginner bike. Personally if the cbr300r was not an option i would have went for the Yamaha R3 which is my next recommendation.

    Overview of experience so far

    1st ride -Sunday 13th (30 mins)
    Short ride in the street and a few back streets. Kept stalling the motorcycle and had issues getting into neutral. Bit of a nervous experience being a new bike and all and not wanting to drop it. Doing a few u-turns in the street was okay but after nearly falling over going too slow in a u turn i called it a day and went home.
    Got a very steep driveway and difficult driveway so i got off the bike and tried pushing it up the driveway which was very awkward.

    2nd ride - Tuesday 15th (2 hours)
    Objectives: Getting comfortable with shifting gears, brakes, and turning and not getting killed :p
    So after reading the owners manual for a bit i figured out how the gears work so i solved the issue with neutral and rolling off with the clutch. The reason why i kept stalling the bike was because i was trying to roll off in 2nd gear thinking it was 1st. So yeah READ THE MANUAL!! :p
    I did a few laps of streets i did before and tried to get comfortable with the brakes and get a feel for the gears seeing what works and what doesn't at certain speeds. Remember i know nothing about motorcycles so manual without a gear indicator is also a new learning curve. After getting the hang of the clutch and rolling off smoothly i went exploring other back streets and took the plunge to ride to a family members house 5 minutes away which was an achievement since the roads are more busy since its Christmas holidays. I also tried rolling up the driveway as well which was a piece of cake when you know how to roll off with 1st gear smoothly. I was not beginning to enjoy riding after getting some confidence.

    3rd ride - Friday 18th (2 hours)
    So i called up my mate and went for a ride with him and did the most exploring riding around town. Mate who has his full licence was mostly following me but very surprised on how well i was riding the bike. Tried all sorts of back streets and it was a very fun experience during together, I tried a park which i originally wanted to practice in when i got the bike but glad i didn't at first since the surface was worse than the roads.

    4th ride - Sunday 20th (30 mins)
    So i took a ride to show off the bike to family in another suburb and tried the m4 at night on the way home and it was an interesting experience. It was a bit windy but the bike handled it okay. I this with this bike its much more enjoyable to ride around town since it loves to lean into corners and flick left and right. Not so sure about this bike and highways but it didn't struggle doing the 90km's. i am sure i will get more comfortable with highways overtime.

    Since then we have had constant rain so once it clears up i'll be out riding again. Cant wait!!