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NSW New rider (well soon to be) and 82 Yamaha XJ550 owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by XJUnderdog, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Hi Netriders

    I bought a 82 Yamaha XJ550 on the spur of the moment. Although I have been contemplating attempting a restoration for sometime, a perfect opportunity made my mind up. Completed my pre-learner course last weekend and am doing my DKT next monday. Looking forward to the occasional work commute and weekend ride when the bike is assembled, that is. Hoping to get some good advice and some interesting reads.
  2. welcome aboard
  3. Welcome to the forum and the addiction to everything two wheeled.
  4. Howdy and bienvenido XJUnderdogXJUnderdog :)

    Well done on the learners course and the step towards reaching a goal of yours :) It will get more addictive as time goes on, watch out!

    When you can post photos put up a showcase of your bike :)
  5. Welcome to Netrider and life on 2 wheels XJUnderdogXJUnderdog ...you will not regret it! (y)
    And as ValvolineValvoline said....pics please :)
  6. Welcome to NR
  7. Welcome XJUnderdogXJUnderdog. Can't wait to see your bike up in the showcase! Keep us updated on your progress! I'm relatively new to riding too - joining NR was one of the best decisions I made. There's so much experience and knowledge to tap into here and a great way to connect with some amazing mentors. Where are you based? You might want to check out the mentors thread to touch base with some in your area. You don't even need to be on your bike to start talking with a mentor! Best of luck and hope to see you around the forums. Keep us posted!
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Hey XJUnderdogXJUnderdog welcome to Netrider.
    Nice bike choice. I've always liked the sound those twin 2 into 1 pipes make - it's true stereo.
    Have fun.
  10. Thanks michaelM3. I bought it to rebuild/learn more about bikes. Only got my L's yesterday, so took it out on a short run last night. I must agree it does have a nice sound to it. Missing occasionally which gives me something to work on!
  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I will most definitely post more pics when I can, since it will hopefully make for a good before and after comparison. Look forward meeting NR members when I'm out on 2 wheels.
  12. Welcome to NR mate. I recently bought a 81 XJ750 for my second bike to put on club rego. From your avatar pic your's is a bit tidier but similar colour scheme. xj750. . Check out xjbikes.com for heaps of info.
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  13. Nice ride dnardy. I've gotta find out what these club plates are and what their benefits are. The picture of my XJ might do it more justice than it deserves. She has a fair amount of rust and corrosion which I've been working on. Anybody ever use Action rust removal products? And thanks, I'm all over xjbikes.com. Heaps of great advice and technical info. I've already got a calipre rebuild kit from xj4ever via the site. (Combination of "I need one now" and the fact that i haven't quite built up the spare part network locally yet).