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New rider Victoria

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bettyboop, May 17, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone ,
    Well I rode Betty(I named my Virago vstar Betty) to Aireys Inlet from Lorne today for the first time ,its only about 15km away but those corners make me nervous :roll: .I went ok but need to get abit more speed going though the corners so I dont slow down other riders .Got her up to 120km on the staight and thats as fast as I have gone so far ,but it felt good :grin:
    Rode past about 20 bikes heading towards Lorne ,If your not doing anything today get on your bike and get down here as it is a really nice day .
    I really would love to meet other riders .I dont know any other riders at all at the moment so it looks like a will be heading to the Arab on sunday to meet so new riding companions .
    Just wanted to ask if you people are happy to talk with new riders or not cause it is hard to approach people you dont know ?

  2. With most of us it's getting us to stop that is the problem.

    Most bikers in my experience will say g'day and have a chat, especially Netriders we welcome all. :LOL:
  3. Welcome to the nuthouse bettyboop.
    We are all happy to talk to new riders. Alot of us are still new. I have only been riding for about 8 months myself.
    You should try and get to 1 of the various coffee nights around if you would like to meet some of us.

  4. Not another VIRAGO named Betty :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Thats what I call my little beast...Betty Bike :cool:

    welcome to the forums :)
  5. I named her betty boop cause I found a great sticker of Betty Boop on a Virago on Ebay and of course there is also the Black Betty song which I sing at the top of my lungs when riding ,gets rid of the nerves when a new situation pops up .
  6. Welcome to riding and the site hope you enjoy both.
  7. Welcome welcome... Enjoy your stay. I cant say I sing and ride though, that would just be ummm weird for me. :p
  8. welcome!!! enjoy!!!!

    oh if you ever want to head south to tas for a ride give us a pm.
  9. Welcome Bettyboop!

    Hope you enjoy those twisties. Don't worry. You'll be zipping through them in no time. Just get lots of practise and take your time and it will become instinctual. And don't push yourself beyond your skill level. I only started riding last August.

    I have caught myself singing whilst riding! (Only on the straight bits though.) :blah:
  10. I hear ya betty,

    I've been riding for ages, but i took a break and ive only been riding for the last 2-3 months when i got a 250 so my girlfriend could get her licence.

    This websites been choc full of nice people from what i can tell, and when i get my exams over and done with i'll definately be heading out for a ride or coffee with the netrider peeps
  11. Great ! I would love to go for ride with you and your girlfriend , I Manage apartments in Lorne so if you ever need accommodation after a ride .I can fix you up with a good deal .
    .Give us a buzz when youve finished the exams .