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new rider vic - cant make a decision on a bloody bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by katieknightxr8, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Hey all, thought i better say hi, just done my learners for the 2nd tim in 4 years(let it run out) still havent bought a bike, i keep procrastinating and changing my mind on the bike etc etc. So maybe i might get the kick up the bum i need on this site to go out and get a bike instead of just talking about it.

    Looking at getting a bike just for enjoyment and to give my xr8 ute a rest(poor thing) ex cyclist so REALLY EXCITED about the NO PEDALLING aspect too. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  2. Gday Katie welcome to NR!

    The answer your going to get from your which bike question is, we dont know, we are not you so we cant tell you what you feel comftable on or what fancies your eye...

    What do you prefer, faired bike, naked bike, cruiser style bike, motocross bike
    thats all i can tell you, get out there and test ride a few and you will make up your own mind what u like..

    cheers mate
  3. i have ideas on what i want just cant make the decision!lol
  4. post here what u have your eye on and people will tell u whats reliable and stuff like that, and dont mention Hyosung :)
  5. :shock: oooook goz, thanks for the heads up on the HY_ _ _G which was one i was looking at :p but wont mention that....any reason why? :roll:
  6. lol do a search on hyosung, all will be revealed
  7. Get a CB400F Honda, you love it!
  8. :evil: is like the old holden v ford thing?
  9. nothing like it
  10. More like a XR8 v VW Kombi :LOL:

  11. id say holden/ford vs hyundai :)
  12. ooook i think i just opened a can of worms in here!!! ouch

    Ill just get back my box...of chocolates
  13. Take the 'which bike is right for me' quiz on the fresh riders link in my sig. Might not give you any useful results, but it always spits out something hilarious.. and sometimes nothing at all :LOL:
  14. ok did the quiz fzr250 or zxr250 or cbr250rr or gsxr250

    hmmm im still likeing the one im looking at but not allowed to mention..
  15. Don't mention your box of chocs unless of course you share :)

    For good value you can get the ER6n or f.
    Good weight, size, seat heights, COG and goes well enuff too.
    Unsure if it's a legite LAMS everywhere but it sure is a great bike for all levels of learning I'm finding. Or just a trusty XT which I started on..

    What else are you thinking about?
    Hyo's just have too much - to compare to + if you do the research

    Stick to the Yamaha, Honda, Suziki or the Kawazaki options I think.
    Test ride them, that helps to choose on the style of bike you feel comfy on - Naked , Sports, Cruiser etc as already suggested.
  16. u can mention hyosung gt250r or 650r but what happens after that is beyond my control lolol
  17. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: AmsER6n

    when it comes to chocolate......i soooooooooooooo dont share...much

    I definitley want a sports bike, but am thinking that apparently nsw has a bigger range of bikes for learners? as my car licence is there maybe i should do the learners there also, for a bigger variety? not sure
  18. :LOL: you might get into a Learners or P's up here by Christmas!

    I think there is a rush on at the moment..... it was a 6-8 week wait last year but it's definantly lotto for anything before June I've heard, but hey just go to RTA website and browse the bookings available you could get lucky and the LAMS approved bikes listing.

    Sports - well there you go that's one decision made.
  19. some of us have bought Hyosung and are more than happy with them :)

    Yes they have more than their share of lemons but they are getting better so if you go that bike good luck.

    good to see another rider out this way :)
  20. hi aus, i actually live in pakenham at the moment, how do you find the hyosung, ive heard they are alot better than they used to be, ive had my eye on one or two that are for sale at the moment. :wink: