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New rider, tyre question?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Slvrrolla, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    My names Ethan, I bought a 2001 CB250 in March this year, I’ve been lurking around the forum before I even considered my L’s. I’m very mechanically minded and I’m annoyed at myself for not picking this up earlier...

    Not too sure if I’m posting this in the right spot but I was just after some advice on tyres. I ran into the local Honda dealer in Ballarat (Vic) tonight and asked about some tyres for the CB. Tread looks alright but I’ve been having hassles with getting blown about by the wind etc, won’t ride on a wet or windy day because it scares me stupid (some of that’s the bike and some of that’s in my head). Improves a fair bit when I get the compressor out and pump up the back which seems to loose 4psi in 2 weeks. But I’m still terrified of the wind.

    I told the guy the back tyre had small cracks in it and obviously he gave me a horrified look and told me to bring it in and get the right sizes and look at getting them changed soon. So I’ll take it in and have them check it over tomorrow hopefully.

    I've got a photo there of what the tyre looks like but I can't post it yet...

    I get the feeling I should have binned the tyres the day I got the bike home because the unnerving feeling the bike has when riding, I feel has set me back quite a bit. Jumped on a mates 250V Bandit and it felt solid as a rock because it had the back tyre done that morning.

    Now I first thought it was just me not cut out for riding, considered giving up because I felt so bad on the bike but I just loved the experience too much, I had to work through it. I only know a couple of people who own bikes who couldn’t help with my problem. I considered selling the bike for another heavier one because of getting blown around by the wind, since maybe it’s the bike not me, then I narrowed it down to the tyres after giving them a little long deserved air.

    But I’m really hoping it’s the tyres causing me to feel like I’m getting beaten about by the wind, if anyone can offer any advice it would be great? I’ve searched as much as I can on the topic and can only find little bits here and there. Could have also answered my own question too, but anyone’s experiences would be great to hear!

    Thanks heaps,

  2. Cracks?

    That could be dry rot, in which case those tyres aren't roadworthy.
  3. Do a search for 'wind'. Apart from discovering that fart jokes pop up on NR with monotonous regularity, you will also be relieved to see that many people people share your wind problem when starting out.

    Reeeellllllaaaaaaaax is the key. The more it blows, the more you tense up. The more you tense up the more the wind movement is translated down your arms into the handlbars, which makes the bike move around, which makes you tense up....you see where I'm going.

    Relaxing means allowing the bike to move round a little and keeping floppy arms so the affect of the wind isn't translated into more bike movement. Apart from that - it's a bloody scary feeling at first and the main thing is to keep riding in the wind even though it scares you...then after a while, you realise you ain't scared no more.

    Not much I can do about your flatulence problem though sorry. :?

    oh...and change that fcuking tyre!
  4. have a look at your suspension settings as well. preload could be too high for you.
  5. you know tires really are'nt that expensive.



    well, it was just a thought anyway.

    me, i like being scared
    i like scary movies
    i like roller coasters
    i like riding in strong wind, it makes me giggle
  6. Boo Yeh :grin:

    If you haven't found this already...setting your preload
    hmm i would post a link but i cant.
    'basic suspension setup' is a sticky topic in technical
  7. Hey there,

    I ride a cb250 and had a similar experience. The tyres (originals I'm sure) just on the tread markers but there were numerous tiny cracks all over.

    Noticed the tryes would 'track' along inconsistencies in the road, I was unsteady in wind and the bike was very dodgy in the wet.

    However, being a tight arse I was determined to extract every k I could out of them so decided to htfu and put up with it.

    Ran across a sale at the local tyre shop recently and changed them over after 14000km on the miserable old perished originals. Massive differnce. I wouldn't describe the bike as 'rock solid' but certainly more sure footed and enjoyable to ride.

    The tyres cost me $250, I took the rims down and the shop fitted them for free. Might be worth the investment for you.
  8. What your expereancing is called tram tracking,the bike follows longutudinal lines on the road,typiacl of worn out tread,new rubber for you,get the presure recomended of the tyre bloke and check them,when there cold,oftern
  9. Hi Ethan, from a fellow newbie - Welcome!

    I have no idea about your tyre problem, but I find when it's really windy, I just concentrate on gripping the bike with my legs to feel more steady.

    As soon as I did that, I had no problems. :grin:
  10. I didn’t expect much of a response, thanks heaps! I took it in to Honda and they said nothing was wrong at all, the lil cracks were superficial! Guy even checked the steering head bearings and wheel bearings and their perfect! Depending on how long I hang on to the bike, I may get them done, but I’ve had 3 people assure me theirs nothing hugely wrong with the tyres!

    I will actually look into the preload adjustment, I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I bottomed out on a speed bump the other day at slightly (just slightly) faster than usual. The chick who previously owned the bike was a lot smaller and lighter than me lol, so I may just have to do something.

    Other thing I might do is look at a bigger bike, something that’s a little heavier and faster. Not that I’m out to kill myself but I’m quite used to the acceleration of the CB already.

    @ Morbo28, the wind picked up a bit on the way home and I just kept seeing what you’d written in my head, relax! What you described about how you tense up was exactly what I was doing. I’m getting over the nerves a lot more now, thanks very much for that!

    Oh and the wind problem, only the bike behind me would have to deal with that!
  11. :D Ah yeah! I drummed that into myself from day 1, everytime I felt my knees slip away from the tank I'd give myself hell for it! It help's so so much!
  12. I would have thought that this is the opposite to relaxing?