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New rider/track day on a slow bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ptb, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I somewhat frequently attend the Winton test n tune days in my cage, they usually alternate 20 min sessions of cars/bikes/karts. Every time I've been there, there's usually less than 5 bikes and only 1-3 on the track at a time.

    I've got 50 or so various car track days under my belt so I know car events but have no idea about bike days.

    I've got a stock carby VTR250 and have a few questions.

    1) Is the mere thought of taking it to a track day foolish? I'm a new rider with a bit over 3,000km since I got the bike. I'm looking at taking it a few times to learn more about the bike and track before doing professional courses.

    2) If the above answer is yes, in how many laps will the standard brakes cook, knowing that my corner exit speeds will be low? Is the cooling system adequate for a few of laps at full noise?

    3) If the above two answers are yes, do any people from here attend? Would love a heap of advise....

  2. Google champions days :)
  3. Hey, thanks for that. Looks like what I need to lose my virginity, both on a bike and at Broadford :)

  4. i regularly do track days on my 250 it's great fun. I've never had any brake fade but maybe i'm not going hard enough lol
  5. For your first track day, it's best to pay the extra money required for a tutored track day, so you're less likely to fall into the mistakes that a lot of inexperienced riders make when they first go to the track (especially since you've done so few miles on a bike).

    However, with that being said, when I'm at the track, I'd much prefer to ride with people who have somewhat more than 3000km of riding experience. I'd also suggest that most of the others who you'll meet there will be of the same opinion. Riding a bike fast is quite a different experience to driving a car fast.

    While the track is a more controlled environment than the road, it can also be a daunting experience, and there's the temptation to ride outside one's capabilities (yes, I'm guilty of doing it, so I'm not pointing any fingers). Someone with more experience, especially if they've already done some roadcraft and/or advanced rider training, is less likely to crash than an inexperienced rider if they push a little too hard.

    Here's a good rule of thumb: if you can comfortably ride competently (you don't have to be a speedster, but also not like a grandpa) through Reefton Spur, then you'll probably be alright. If not, I'd suggest putting a few more miles under your seat first.
  6. I can scrape pegs round the black spur. But still struggle on reefton..... (drop to 40 on many corners) What does that mean?
  7. You'd probably be fine... Better if you went to Superbike School as your first track day... (y)

    I suspect that you've done multiples of 3000km by now... ;)
  8. i should visit steve brouggy.....
    ive actually been thinking of going to the califrnia superbike school as my first track day for a few months....
    but the downside is that aaron would have field day at work.

    better save some cash for leathers, so when i hopefully upgrade bikes around november i can book in for a course

    done a bit under 10,000k on the vtr, a significant part of that was on the black spur (its my favourite practice spot).... though sad for 13yr old learner bike. in 12 months ive done almost a 1/4 of its distance traveled... what were the other owners doing

  9. 1.) No, it wont be the quickest 250 there, but it will work well.

    2.) the brakes depend on a number of factors (brake fluid, cables, brake pads, brake discs) the first thing i would do if i was taking my VTR to the track is swap the pads out to some sintered pads (HH not HF). this will give better grip and last longer (well... ive already done it, it cost an extra $10 from standard pads.). the discs on the VTR are pretty good standard (well for what it is). maybe swap the brake fluid for dot 4.5 (higher boiling point, but like running synthetic oil. its not needed). the cooling system is pretty good (if you really want make a stronger mix with concentrate, and put on a higher spec radiator cap) the engines are strongin the VTR and will take the redline abuse.
  10. You'll be fine. Go for it and post up some pics :)
  11. Hi mate,
    Honestly just get out there a turn the wheels around. See if you like it on the bike instead of the car.

    A lot of us don't get the chance to head to Winton track days due to the distance and we only race up there twice a year. I will be looking at getting up there to improve my times around Winton in the back half of this year, so just yell out if you heading that way.
  12. you'll do just fine mate. stick to what you know, and theres always people around happy to have a chat and help out :)
  13. just do it! careful around crash corner :]
  14. I know it's strange to say this about an off-camber corner on a hump, which you can't see around until you've already committed to the turn, but that's my favourite corner at Broadford. But of course, it isn't as much fun as Honda at PI! :biker:
  15. Well at least you're consistent - you like all the bad corners :)
  16. Hehehe... Seemingly I do... :demon:
  17. Just get out there!

    Champions ride days have the red group, no undertaking into a corner, its aweosme for beginners.

    You wont have any brake issues, as long as your brakes are in good working order.
  18. Get into it, don't worry about brakes as you won't be going fast enough to use them, trust me, you would be faster around the track I'd you didn't touch them... you will do this one day. Have a go at Broady the red group will shit you to tears though :)
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