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New rider to the forum and a real bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AshR1, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. I thought it was probably about time that I joined up on here.

    I have been riding for nearly 4 years on a 250 Hurricane and have finally upgraded to a brand new 07 R1 (It's been for it's first ride and has 22kms on the OD)

    So in that respect I'm a new rider having only riden up to a 250 before this, and from my short spin last night all I can say is it's phenominal, though I do have to be very very wary of my speed (just cruising through 2nd and 3rd and I was already over 80km/h)

    I'm just in the process of breaking in the engine and then over summer I'll be in melbourne a fair bit (as that's where my friends live) for a few rides etc, so might have to come along to some of the net-rider ones.

    I'm 26 Male from Shepparton (moved up here start of this year) and this is my new toy.


    First thing to go will be that huge chunk of plastic on the back holding the indicators, replace with a little metal eliminator and then some mini indicators all round.

    Hope to catch some of you around at the rides.
  2. Yay Ash is on here =D

    Hello =D
  3. yeah thought it was about time, seems I have a real bike now (though moved away from melbourne)
  4. Get your suspension set professionally!

    These bikes handel really, really well, even better if you get it revalved
  5. yeah I have a "rapid bikes" magazine where they set up their R1

    so thinking I'll hit a trackday at some point and have someone go through suspension setups etc and get some riding tips
  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    I think the bike you refer to, If it was the same colour scheme as yours, was done by SMP in taren point NSW

    Good luck and all the best with the new weapon.
  7. that's correct :)

    few really good tips in that artical... I've been doing a whole lot of reading about the bike for the past year (and more to come now owning one :D )
  8. How would you rate the ride comfort of the R1 on a scale of 1- 10?

    Sorry for the silly question, just want others opinions as I'm going for the r6 and figure some similarities would exist between the two models, giving me a better insight into the bike.


  9. nah not a silly question

    I haven't sat on an R6

    I'm just about 6'1" and I haven't adjusted anything yet (only done 60kms so going to do break and clutch levers next time I ride it) but it's actually not too bad at all

    I'd say it'd be around an 8 at this stage, as I haven't taken it on any long trips I can't give you a "numb bum" factor yet, but I can surely update you.

    the controls and everything feel like they are in the right place for my size and there is plenty of room on the seat to shift back and hide behind the screen when at speed ;)
  10. cool thanks!

    I'm only 5'10 so i'll need to grow a few inches for it to be an accurate gauge. lol!
  11. lol it's probably not too bad for you either then
    the R6 from my understanding is a little smaller

    best bet is to just wander into a Yamy dealer and ask to sit on them and see the difference (if you have your full license see if you can even take their demo for a spin)
  12. :( going through the entire license process again.

  13. fair enough :)

    well good luck with it, but yeah wander in and just sit on all the bikes then you can get a feel for the location of the parts and see if they fit you ok