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New rider to the community.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spada, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Just thought I would intro myself as I had my L's since March but just started riding now. Have to admit I'm not that confident as I'm new to this clutch and changing gears (Automatic car driver). But I'm getting used to it (I think).

    Well I've been putting off the nights where I'm supposed to ride around to learn abit as it is abit cold nowadays. Still have to buy my jacket, pants and gloves. Also pretty hard as I ride myself (close friends don't ride motorbikes :p), so hopefully I can meet some nice peeps here and go for some rides.

    Well thanks everyone just thought would make this my first post as a intro :p

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention my first bike is a Honda SPADA lol
  2. Welcome Spada :) Don't let the cold put you off! You'll miss it in the heat of summer.
  3. Hey there. Get some gear and get out there. Short rides done often is the way to learn and get confidence.

    If you can put up with the cold of winter you can ride anytime.
  4. Welcome to NR
  5. Hey Spada,
    are you in the city? we can go for a ride during the lunch break
  6. Welcome SPADA, it's good to see someone with good taste in bikes :wink:

    Gives me memories of my old 250, it was a warrior among motorcyclists! :LOL:

    Drop me a PM if u want a riding buddy, I'm in the Sutherland shire region.
  7. Welcome !!!
  8. I'm amazed that username is not taken already, years ago EVERYONE rode a Spada or an Across :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider.
  9. same.. well done i say.
    and welcome