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New rider to Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 5c0ttyD, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys & girls I'm new here in Melbourne (moved over from Perth in November last year) and have recently gotten my L's as well... loving the freedom of getting out on my new GSX650F at every chance I get.

    I hope to have enough time to come down to a Saturday practice soon to meet some people and have a bit of fun as well as practice my technical skills.
  2. Hello and welcome
  3. Hello, and welcome to NR.

    Certainly a good idea to get down to Saturday practice and, when you're feeling comfortable, check out the Sunday learner friendly rides too.

    Have fun.
  4. Welcome to the NutHouse :D !!!!
    See you at Satdy practice session soon :)
  5. Thanks guys, looking forward to getting down and learning more about everything bike related.

    Greydog, where are these sunday rides to & from? Is there somewhere on here I can find a little more information about them?
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    Here's the Sunday Learner Ride thread. Read the first post, then skip to the end. Rides change every week, and are led by different people. The route is whatever they decide to do. There might be multiple rides one week, or none at all sometimes. The person who announces a ride will usually be the leader too, and will advise start time and place.

    Edited To Add (ETA): these are generally Not for absolute noobs, but those who have had a little experience, can ride at 100kph and are ok to go 300km or so (plenty of rest stops tho). If you are unsure if you're ready, go to Saturday practice and speak to either Hawklord or GreyBM, who will have a fair idea from watching you if you would be ok.
  7. Bwahaha, another ex-Perthite joins us. Welcome to Melbourne and the inanity of Netrider. My story is quite similar, moved here last June and got started riding in August. Two wheels is definitely the best way to get around this city!
  8. welcome to NR, the sunday learner rides are a great way to improve your riding, as is sat morn prac sessions, definatley ask for emergency braking practise when you get there, you MAY notice some of our drivers dont look much for 2 wheelers lol
  9. Thanks Greydog, definitley be getting down to some as soon as I can.. bit busy over the next few weekends though.

    Looking forward to the rides!!!

    cameronp - I've noticed a resounding exodus myself... since I've moved I've run into several people from my country WA high school that are now living here, not to mention the number or my old uni buddies either here or looking for work here too.

    Just another quesiton for everyone, what are everyone's thoughts on riding gear? I'm fairly well kitted out in that I've got me a nice RST jacket and some Draggin's but I've been considering acquiring some pants to match my jacket. Is this worthwhile?

  10. Plenty of people, including myself, wear Draggins, but they're probably the minimum in protection. Good quality leathers are going to protect your hide better - I prefer leather when I go on longer, faster rides - but can be exxy. Assume you have boots and gloves?

    Also get yourself some knee protectors if you wear Draggins. Strap on ones are better bc they are less likely to move off your knee in a crash.

    Dunno if I'd bother matching per se. Better to go for quality textile or leather rather than worry if they're the same colour :)
  11. Textile pants over kevlar jeans is good.. textile pants over any pants is ok..
    Waterproof textile pants over anything is going to be handy.. (welcome to melbourne)

    Matching? well.. we dont care what colours you are wearing.. but if you are talking about matching brands.. then dont worry that much.. you will find most brands use the same zipper to connect jacket to pants etc.. if not its a very easy fix.. and some brands might fit better than others.. (longer / shorter legs etc)

    as with Greydog.. i dont mind kevlar jeans when im getting around town.. but i will put on my textile pants for longer / more fun rides.. as they do offer a bit more protection.

    +1 for knee pads in any combination you choose.
  12. +1 on this, seems to be a fairly common injury. Which reminds me I've been meaning to get some knee protectors for my Draggins myself.

    The other thing about riding gear is that you'll probably end up finding you want to wear different things depending on weather and how much of a perceived risk you have on a particular ride (going down to the shops for a loaf of bread? longer freeway commute? multi-day touring? pushing your luck on a race track?). When I started out last winter, I got Draggins and a nice warm, waterproof textile jacket, which was great in temperatures up to about 25C. Then summer came along and I picked up a mesh jacket, which is great on really hot days.

    Then I started planning a two-week roadtrip and wanted more protection so bought full leathers (albeit cheapo ones) with zippered vents; these are not as comfy as my winter jacket in the cold and wet, and nowhere near as good as my mesh jacket when it's really hot, but the vents give decent airflow when you're moving and leathers feel like they offer much better protection. I also had the misfortune of having to test their protection on that trip. I came off at 50 km/h, landed on my face and knee, and ended up with nothing more than a bruise. The leathers are just slightly scuffed.
  13. If you read @Gobberwart's Snowy Adventure crash thread, you'll read why strap on knee protectors are better. His inbuilt ones protected his knee in the initial fall, but then moved, so he ended up losing some bark off his knee (although it could have been worse).
  14. Thanks guys, some great advice here.

    I'm not overly concerned about wearing things that match as I'm used to just taking whatever I can get given that I'm 6'8"... I was more concerned about being able to join the pants to the jacket as well as being able to wear them over suit pants on a ride to work. I do have boots (quite sturdy ones) and gloves (not full gauntlets, but they have good knuckle protection). The jacket is pretty handy as it's got a removable winter liner as well as a removable waterproof liner...haven't had to try the winter liner out yet but the waterproof one seems to stop the vast majority of wind getting through and with them all removed the mesh jacket isn't too hot.

    Interesting take on the knee pads, in all of the dicussions I've had with salesmen in the shops not one has mentioned them!!

    I have been considering the leathers but the initial outlay has been holding me off those for now, they'll be acquired in bits and pieces in the future... maybe if I tell my mum I've got the bike she'll buy them all for me out of her fear for my life and her potential for future grandchildren ;)

    I am quite paranoid about protection and every time I get on my bike I'll put my full kit on, even if it's a ride down lygon st to the shops...

    Anywho, pencil me in for the practice session next week!!
  15. welcome aboard :)