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New Rider to be from Hobart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AndrewH, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    Names Andrew, live in Hobart, 47 years old and will be new to riding.

    Decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time, but hadn’t gone thru with. Just completed the pre-learner course and the road rule learner test along with my daughter, who has a ninja 250 as her first bike. We’ve done a couple of rides around our local area, I say we as I’ve been following in my ute….. giving what help I can think of and trying to protect her a bit until she gains some confidence and gets to know the bike. I’m sure she’ll do the same for me.

    Anyway after much research, table full of brochures and coming across the knowledge that is available here, as a total novice and in the interest of my own safety decided best to start small and work my way up, so I have a Suzuki Inazuma 250 in black/red on order, along with a new wardrobe of safety gear… can’t wait to get started. Will post a photo when she turns up.


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  2. G'day AndrewAndrew, welcome to Netrider.

    You may already know there's quite a sizeable contingent of 40+ older new and returning Netriders who are great value to talk with and share experiences along with everyone here.

    It's a particularly good thing you get to share the experience with your daughter as well! I will look forward to seeing a photo of your new Inazuma and reading about your first rides.
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  3. Howdy and welcome to the forums AndrewHAndrewH. Congratulations on taking the plunge and ordering your new Suzie. All the best with getting your licence. You live in bike riders paradise and you've got gorgeous roads as your backyard! Having your daughter as your riding buddy is fantastic!

    I agree with XJ6NXJ6N, there are plenty of members here who started or came back to riding in their 40s, I'm one of them. Learnt to cycle at 46, got my motorcycle licence at 5 minutes to 47 :happy:! Wish I did it 20 years earlier though.

    Looking forward to reading about your progress and seeing photos of your (and your daughter's) bike with that stunning Tasmanian scenery as a background (y)!
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  4. Hi and welcome AndrewHAndrewH, congrats on your (and your daughter's) decision to take up motorcycling, you'll both be glad you did, yes, it's addictive:playful: At least you have each other for ride buddies and can get out together and enjoy your new passion. Nice lookin' bike the Inazuma. I bet you're counting down the days until it lands in your garage and are able to finally jump aboard and head off on those oh-so-good roads you have there.

    I'm organising a tour down to Tassie early february and would like to welcome yourself and your daughter along to catch up with us for a ride, it'd be great to meet some riders from Tassie and also enjoy a meal or drink while we are there if you're able to:) (See link at bottom of post for Tassie gig)

    All the best, looking forward to catching up,
    Ned (y)
  5. Welcome to NR..

    How awesome is this...riding along with your daughter..

    Have fun..
  6. welcome aboard Andrew :) congrats on the L's and the bike, the Inazuma's are nice looking ride.
  7. welcome to Netrider and two wheels Andrew....you will love the Inazuma, but then again I am biased haha! (y)

  8. Congrats and welcome from an older rider. Mate, you live in motorcycle nirvana ! There is a big group called ROT (Riders of Tasmania) you guys could join up with in time. Great that you're riding with your daughter. Would be good to join up with some experienced riders to learn road craft. Also well worth the money to sign up for some courses such as CSS, Stay Upright etc.

    "life is all about the (motorcycle) journey, not the destination"

    Happy roads
  9. Thanks Guys.
    Appreciate your comments, will be booking us into some extra courses for sure, bad time of year for getting info but will work on it in January. I believe there are ride days at Baskerville Race Track and Deca do a road skills refresher course which may suit us. There seems to be more courses on the mainland than over here going by the net.
    I've been searching for some club/group rides to pick-up some tips and get into an environment to learn the ropes. But need to get more experience around home first I think, Anna venture out onto the highway (dual lane at 70ks limit) last night, had a little lock up on the rear wheel, prior to turning into a street... down changing i think, recovered and continue on.. another lesson learnt. I saw the tyre do a bit of a wobble, think the street got to her quicker than she expected...... I have this to look forward too.
    We both know experienced riders, so once we have some confidence up will be able to tag along with them.

    Will work on catching up Ned, a beer would be nice, face to the name and all that. Looks like you will have a great ride with the itinerary you have.
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