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New rider, Tarneit

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Huks, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Got my learners in June and been riding solo commuting to work and back, if anyone wants to ride message me, thanks

  2. Welcome to the nuthouse mate.
  3. welcome aboard :)

    check out the Saturday and Sunday rides section
  4. Ah welcome aboard :) what bike?
  5. Welcome to the site, we haven't run a ride out west for a while. As Jeffco said keep and eye on Uncle Greg's Epic Saturday Ride and the Sunday Learner friendly ride thread.
  6. Welcome :cool:
  7. Welcome. Another Netrider came from Tarneit....
  8. gday HuksHuks and welcome to NR - congrats on the L's!
  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Welcome to Netrider HuksHuks!
  11. Currently on a ninja 250, looking to upgrade within the next few months
  12. Thanks for the warm welcoming, I will also checkout the Sat and Sunday rides coming up
  13. Hi and Welcome Huks, like cjvfrcjvfr said, we're probably overdue for a Westies ride. Hope to see you on one sometime.
    A lot on here would have no idea who you're talking about Paul, but I'm sure some remember;)
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  14. Weeeeeeelcome to the nuthouse HuksHuks. You'll find plenty of entertainment here; just gotta search the threads a little :p Stay upright!
  15. There was a new rider from Tarneit
    It was said he had really big feet
    He rode just a 250 Ninja
    But wasn't a whinger
    And he had all the other bikes beat
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  16. Welcome HuksHuks , I commute in from Caroline Springs every morning / afternoon so may have seen you already?
  17. Do you know the one about the man from Nantucket pwbikepwbike ;-)
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  18. I think so.

    There's another about a young girl from Dundee, who went for a swim in the sea...
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  19. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
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  20. Looking for a thumbs up emoji haha