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New rider - Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by KANGA, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, was directed here by one of my work mates.
    Been riding for about a month now, mostly just riding locally in the inner west but keen to find some some nice rides further out and get some proper time on the bike.
    Currently riding a ZZR 250 and loving it.

  2. Welcome to riding and netrider.

    Am in the inner west myself - dulwich hill - but don't get a chance to head out much except for my commute to work. In any event if you want to head to the Natio or whatever one weekend drop me a line. New riders also looked after by others on netrider in strathfield from memory maybe someone else can give more details.

    Welcome again
  3. Welcome, take care with those homicidal Sydney drivers, now, y'hear :LOL:
  4. I'd echo that, I hate riding around Sydney. There's some great rides once you get outside the suburbs though (Bells Line of Road, Putty Road, Old Pacific Hwy - except for the 60 Klm zones [when did they come in???]).

    Good luck mate, enjoy (& be safe).
  5. yeah I've already put my horn to good use on more then a few cars now, mostly taxis. Apparently indicating has become optional and no one told me.
    I've got years of driving around sydney under my belt so I know what to expect from sydney traffic ... you know, expect the unexpected lol. I can only imagine how much more daunting it would have been if I didnt have that expierence.
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  6. Welcome to NR=D>, I am also from the innerwest Marrickville, hopefully you can make it to the sunday practice.

    Enjoy your ride and stay safe...Cam
  7. G'day Kanga - Welcome aboard.
  8. had my gpx 250(pretty much the same bike) an license for about a month too...call the outer west home...there's a nice lil trek up the back roads to springwood...most of the blue mountains is a great ride (minus the trip down from glenbrook on m4 the first time at 3am...the road surface...isn't the best)

    - from one n00b to another...welcome !

    you know how to get at me if you want to test out your bike on the mountains as saying i'm eager to ride is a severe understatement.
  9. Good to see you on here Kanga!

    I haven't been here long myself, but i've learnt so much from these guys that i've lost count how many times they've saved my arse, for someone on their bike 7 days a week, riding the hell out of Sydney.
  10. Hello Kanga,

    Mate welcome to NR. I m from beverlyhills & ride an Aprilia RS 125. Drop us a line if you keen to go for rides ..