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new rider, sydney winter weather and g'day!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nimco, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to check-in and say g'day to all

    I've been following this forum keenly for the past 2 months, basically ever since I made the decision to buy a bike (for commuting mainly, but also weekend fun!)

    First up I have to say it's been an incredible source of information and has proved invaluable from a newbie perspective, from the riding guides to the hints/tips and knowledge that people bring to the forum! I've scanned through pretty much every post in the newbie section, and for someone with no prior experience with bikes it has been a huge help!

    Sooo, everything seems to have gone very fast since booking my learner course. Lots of research on gear and bikes..... lots of trips to bike shops and lots of checking out this forum for advice! I bought most of my gear before actually buying a bike (minus wet weather pants) and picked up a Ninja 250R a week before doing my Learner course, the idea being to jump straight onto the bike after getting the learner licence to practice while everything was still fresh

    I passed the Learners, and was planning on getting some practice in around my local area for a week or so before commuting to work.
    Although the plan didn't quite work, as on the monday following my Learner Course I got a parking ticket on the car, the only place I could find anywhere near work that had all day parking had been changed into a 2P zone. So that kinda kicked my ass into gear, and later that evening when the traffic had died down I plucked up the courage and made the trip to work (a 20 minute ride but on a busy 3 lane road).

    It started raining half way there which kinda threw me a bit, but I got there and back safely and felt pretty good, so the next morning decided to take the bike to work, and was a lot easier in the light and no rain but still quite a challenge with the traffic!

    And I've not looked back since (except in my mirrors :D)… have been riding every day through wind, rain and occasional sunshine :p Mostly wind and rain though. But I'm enjoying it whatever the sydney winter has to throw at me
  2. That's the best way to learn friend.

    People at work often ask me - Why didn't you just drive?

    I go - Duh, because how am i meant to figure out how to ride in a flood if i don't ride in a flood?

    Gets them every time.

    Enjoy your ridin.
  3. well done mate. I jumped straight in as well (to say the least) which was an enormous challenge. Although, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone not to do it if they wanted to take their time on lesser roads for a while first.

    Glad you're safe, and glad you're enjoying it. I haven't traveled to work any other way since getting my bike. You quickly get used to the rain etc.
  4. welcome, where do you live?............................theres a place in Homebush where you could practice for your MOST.
  5. thanks for the welcomes guys!
    I live in Ultimo and have been doing the daily commute down Parramatta Road

    Where is the place in Homebush? Near Ikea?
  6. Welcome Nimco, congratulations on your new found freedom and the commitment you appear to be showing.

    Regarding Homebush, have a gander at the Sydney Learner Sessions thread (there's 630+ pages in that one) for further information and is run by OzYoda (Chris). The location is on a closed section of Bennelong Rd adjoining Olympic Park (click here for the Google Map location) and currently they meet at 1.00pm on Sundays. Not only can you practice the MOST and get tips/advice from experienced riders, you'll meet other NetRiders and the opportunity for take a group ride afterwards (inclination and weather permitting) is also on offer.
  7. Nice work getting straight into it, i just started too, i feel winter is the best time to learn to ride, whenever its cold/wet/generally shit just remember that itl be all worth it when you have the ability to ride better/harder/longer/faster in the coming summer, rather then wasting the good weather doing 45 in local streets practicing round a bouts and such.
  8. Welcome, enjoy the Ninja from another Ninja rider and newbie :)
  9. Yeah well done, mate. You're already riding like true biker, and you have to be able and confident in all weather conditions, as each has it's own up or down side.

    Don't get cocky, keep yourself under control and stay within your comfort zone.
    As a wize NR member said in an unrelated post... 'you have to ride, serious - If you expect to have serious fun'

    Practice practice practice - oh , did i mention practice!? :)
  10. cheers guys!

    Practice indeed! And it's far too easy to get confident and say hey i've got this riding thing in the bag. But I know that's not the case....

    Lots and lots to learn, every ride has its own unique challenges but the important thing is to learn from every mistake while having fun in the process :D

    And i'm totally loving the freedom that riding brings...