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New Rider, Sydney City Area, R3

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Krunk, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    New rider here, only 4 days in(including pre learner course) to my riding life and totally new to anything motorised.
    Getting around on an R3, which is like a godsend after the twitchy little CB125e they have you learn on, but the front brake does seem like it's wants me dead xD
    Got out twice in the middle of the night so far to avoid the god awful traffic. Damn it's fun riding in the dark, almost feels like I'm flying, but I'm getting sick of dodging cats.
    All in all I'm having great fun so far and have no regrets about the R3 as I knew I'd be working on the front brake going in.


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  2. G'day and welcome, KrunkKrunk.
  3. Welcome fella, I love riding at night.
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  4. Welcome, enjoy the new experience, when you get more confident try to venture out to some twisty roads. You will love riding even more :)
  5. Welcome. Night riding is the best, less idiots, no traffic and well, less enforcement.

    If you want to take a night ride some time, let me know.
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Welcome to the Site
  8. Welcome and enjoy the R3!
  9. Welcome mate, Wont be too long before you'll be making excuses to get out and ride.

    I hear good things about those R3's. Did you find a dealer with a demo, or buy it without riding it?
  10. The excuses are already flowing, I just wish the weather would stay clear.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone with a test ride, it was down to sitting on it, checking reviews and nagging some of the more experienced riders on the R3 forum.

    EDIT: and thanks all for the welcomes ;)
  11. Welcome. That bike was a fine choice.
  12. Hi just saw this post while browsing, im looking at getting a R3 Going to test ride this sat. How are you finding it? It looks like a great bike and a bit more power and lighter then the ninja 300.but im a bit worried since its the 1st in this line and any kinks would eventually get ironed out with future models and not sure if i should get one or not?