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New Rider - Standard intro

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Variable, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone!
    After a bit of trouble registering (100% my fault - by the way thanks for the help Jason, especially the quick reply, cheers!) I am clearly now on the forums.
    Although i don't own a bike YET i'm doing the L's course in a few weeks and am thinking of getting a VTR250 (blue probably, decisions decisions).
    Is there anyone else on the forum from the central coast of NSW because I'd be interested in a ride after i've built my skills up a bit (so would a mate of mine probably)

    Anyway, good to finally be able to take part!
  2. Welcome to the forums variable and good luck with the Ls.
    Sorry central coast is a bit far for a quick buzz at the moment but if you are ever in Wagga maybe.

    Enjoy and stay upright
  3. Welcome, bloody good choice of bike, I have the black one and it never looks dirty, don't forget to change the exhaust its sound just awesome.

    There is a couple of pics on my website if you want to see black with the megacycles exhaust.
  4. Welcome to the forums
  5. Welcome abaord :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. Welcome Variable and good luck with your L's and bike shopping :D
  7. So you haven't had much trouble with cleaning the black vtrsteve? I though the black'd be the hardest. Its a tough decision because I will probably ride a lot at night coming home from work so the blue woud be a bit more visible, but blacks so cool!

    I'm tossing up between different exhausts, probably megacycle. dunno. I'll make my mind up about time for the first service, kill two birds with one stone.

    Anyway thanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Variable are you in melb?
    I think at night the only thing they see is the headlight anyway. I would have thought blue was hard to see also. I must say I do also like the red, my poor dealer had too hunt around for the black, he only had the red in stock, and for some reason I could't go past the black with the front fairing.

    Also Megacycles was a cheaper option than staintune.
  9. Nope, Wyong, Central Coast, NSW.
    Yeah, i was thinking aobut the megacycle for the price and i've made up my mind on the blue, i do like black bikes but i think naked bikes look cooler with brighter colours, don't know why, just do! At least thats my opinion :D .
  10. Not on the Central coast, but in Hornsby. We could prolly hook up some time, do a ride up to Newie or something. There's a couple of bods around the Northern Sydney area that could tag along too... :)

    Welcome to forums by the way...
  11. Sounds good mate, but I think i'll give it a couple of months till i'm more confortable riding on my own before i go for a group ride (no one likes the guy slowing everyone else down!)
    So yeah, if you lot are ever thinking of a ride just PM me
  12. Brilliant sig BTW.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hey, welcome (I haven't been here long myself)

    I'm going for my Ls in 2 weeks and want a VTR too!
    Damn good looking bike IMO.