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New rider - Spada Died on me while riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dwainz, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys n Gals,

    The Spada stopped when I was on my way home tonight.

    It seemed to cut out like it was starved of fuel - Not having been riding long I thought that maybe the fuel was getting low and I needed to switch over to reserve - but before I could switch over the motor stopped.

    Anyway I put it onto reserve and it wouldn't start

    So anyways I get dad to come over with the trailer and pick the bike up (thanks Dad :) ) Once we get it home THE %&*^$#& THING STARTS!!!!

    I'm just plain puzzled.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what would have caused the problem??

    I initially thought that I flooded the bike whilst trying to start in reserved

    Could it be heat related? the gauge didnt seem to indicate that the bike was running hot.

    What about electrical?

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Please Help!
  2. My Spada did this as well - on the way home from buying it!! - I replaced the air filter cos appearantly this gets clogged and was the reason it had trouble starting especially after I had stalled it which really helped (I'll paste the link from that issue) - then I replaced the battery and its all good now.. So check out the air filter on it maybe cos it's probably all caked up and not letting any air in to spark it.
  3. Thanks for the reply sammy_sam

    Unfortunately - Brand new Airfilter and Battery :( Damn.

    Any other suggestions???
  4. The symptoms described sound like those I had once. The mechanic I took it to did sweet FA (but charged me anyway) so I decided to solve it myself. The Spada does have a recurring problem (unless you pay very close attention to the oil levels) in that it refluxes oil vapour through the carbies and coats the air filter. The engine is then starved of air which prevents it from firing but has no effect on the engine turning over (until the battery is drained)

    Its frustrating as hell but easily fixed. A new air filter for the Spada cost $52 when I bought on last year and in 18 months it was the only one I needed. The first time I had this problem (admittedly I overfilled the oil) I cleaned the oil from the filter with solvents (dont try this at home, at the time I was working in an oil lab and had access to fume hoods and solvent waste collection) so realistically I should have needed two but on the other hand, that isnt bad because I did ride about 40,000km before the bike had a terminal case of Nissan Bluebird.

    Have some patience, Spadas are great bikes! <-- that's what the guy advised me to do and it worked excellently.

    You could try just cleaning it or something..

    The airfilter will probably be enough for you maybe - if that's the problem.. its like $50 though.

    My old battery was a crappy chinese mini battery so that was another issue altogether
  5. I find that after I switch to reserve I need to wait a bit before attempting to start it again or it will not start.

    If this happens again (and you need to switch over to reserve), switch it over, then wait a couple of minute for the fuel to reach the carbies, then start her up.
  6. Sound like it could have just been a fuel embolism when you switched over. If it was starting to sputter before you switched then it probably just needed to clear the line. A bit of time would have let the fuel in the line settle in and if the carbies were flooded they could then have drained so that is probably why it started without too much trouble later.
  7. funny you posted this, because a similar thing happened to me on the weekend.

    i switched the to the reserve tank on my CBR250R, but the bike wouldnt start when i went for the starter motor (even though i gave it some time for the fuel to settle). On my thrid attempt with the starter motor, it died (ie the starter motor wouldnt turn anymore). from there, i turned off the bike, and turned it back on. luckily the starter motor was back to life.

    on my final go - i pulled up the choke and started the bike. it worked.

    so give it a go, obviously, your bike was working sweet before - so i dont know if the airfilter has anything to do with it.
  8. Most probably you flooded it when you tried starting it after switching to reserve. You know what to do now. Fill up when the tank is about 3/4 empty.