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New rider - so much to learn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RussellDP, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just thought I would drop a line in and say how much I am enjoying reading of peoples experiences, which for a new ( older ) rider like myself who does not have a lot of friends who ride, I have to say that I am finding it really useful to read of experiences and then adapt them for my own learning.

    I have been on L plates for only a couple of weeks, bought myself a good little starter bike ( Hyosung 250GT ) though I do feel a little sorry for the bike as I am a larger guy, but you gotta start somewhere and this is where it is for me.

    SO far its been about trying things out when I felt comfortable. The first ride. The first "Oh Sh*t!" moment. The first time you hit 40 and it feels like you are going 100. The first time you hit 60, 80 and 100. Cross winds. Wind buffeting. The "cant get this bloody thing to change gears moment". The finding excuses to jump on the bike "Honey, we need new toothbrushes....I will be back in an hour".

    This is all so entertaining, scary and so much fun.

    Thanks guys

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  2. Welcome mate...lots of info on here
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  3. Good to see you're enjoying it. Plenty of people here willing to help. Also recommend attending a learners day, good way to meet people and pick up a few techniques.
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  4. Welcome to Netrider and life on two wheels Russell!
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  5. Welcome to NR! Before you know it everything will seem a lot easier and you'll be able to focus on finding further improvements in your riding.
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  6. G'day RussellRussell, welcome to Netrider. Congratulations getting your Learner licence and motorcycle - they add up to a great Summer ahead for you.
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  7. welcome aboard :] toothbrushes I like that have to remember that one :)
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  8. Welcome Russell,
    Great attitude. Sounds like you're having fun.
    Keep it up.
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  9. Hi Russell - I only got my licence in July and don't get a chance to do a lot of riding but putting a plan in place to improve on that. It's so strange - I lived in Shepparton for about 12 years and only got my licence after moving back to Melbourne a year ago - since then I have met a few people I could go riding with but, guess what, they live in Shepparton or Benalla! ha ha ha Jump on a couple of the Facebook motorcycle pages, I know they are members on there and I'm sure they would love to have a new rider join them :) Or shoot me a message :) Enjoy! I'm off for an early morning ride now before the traffic hits St Kilda :) Cheers, Dianne
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  10. Welcome to NR
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  11. practice practice practice.

    ride as much as you can.
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  12. Hi Russell, I can relate to your recent experiences. I purchased my first ever bike a month ago Suzuki intruder 250 cc at age 40 and passed Qride test this passed Sunday. I had my second only solo ride today, got her up to 80 kms and felt the same that I was doing 100 lol. It's scary but exciting at the same time. Keep on riding.
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  13. I hear ya :)
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  14. Good to see that you are out and about DiantraDiantra. I was going to enquire of your progress.
    And g'day to you RussellDPRussellDP.
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  15. Just taking my time PetesulPetesul - early morning rides and I get on well together ... oooooohhhhmmmmm :)

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  16. Welcome to life on two wheels, RussellDPRussellDP
    You're in for a great time.

    If you ever need a riding buddy, you'll find plenty right here. Me, among others :woot:
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  17. A word of caution RussellDPRussellDP, if you go for a spin with ExportswedeExportswede, you might end up going as far as the border, that's the border of NSW & Qld, our young export is doing few kays these days, can't get her off the bike!
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  18. Thanks everyone for the kind words and support. I have been riding every day and making little refinements every time. Little things like positioning coming into corners to open up the exits better, and had the joy of a driver in a roundabout suddenly deciding to turn right rather than go straight ahead, without indicating of course.

    Best part for me was yesterday morning, had a late night ( but without drinking ) and had lawns to mow ( Ugh! ). SO after about 2.5 hours sleep, as I heard the door close I woke up and couldn't face the lawns. A short blast on the bike for what turned out to be a pie and a coffee in Numurkah was just the ticket. 60 km round trip for a pie seems about right doesn't it?

    And for those offering to do a ride together, I would love to, BUT only once I feel a bit more confident, I don't wanna hold people up.
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  19. i am the same. at 59 never ridden a bike. months ago i got my learners. 3 month ago i bought a 2006 honda cb 250 nighthawk. netrider say a great bike for a newcomer and bullet-proof.. 2 week ago i got my licence. done about 2000 km around melb. over westgate bridge. freeway to the city got to 100 kph, upto mt dandenong, and last weeknd arthurs seat on the mornington penninsula. dont use it as a commute to work but ride everywhere else. my loyal 80 series landcruiser is getting jealous.. like you just having a bit of fun but being careful. enjoy
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  20. So I'm not the only one who saw the Demons win their last grand final.........
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