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New rider - shopping for first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Renze, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I'm a new Qld rider. I've gone through QRide and now have a fresh unrestricted licence. I've been test riding a few 250's etc but have found them a bit small for my liking. I particularly liked a 95 YZF600 though, fits me nicely and seems easy to ride so long as I stayed away from the higher revs. Its cheap too. :)

    I'm about 6'1, 70kg. Little riding experience but had no worries with QRide or any of the rides I've done so far. I'm 26 and consider myself a safe and restrained car driver. I intend to use the bike as a daily commuter and weekend tourer, after perhaps a year with a pillion.

    I don't particularly want to have to change my bike after a year, but do want to hear if you think this is a stupid idea!

    Oh i'm in Townsville - the roads are comparitively quiet up here.

  2. nice bike choice there mate, good at everything you want in a first bike that also won't get boring in 3 months - decent but not scary performance, comfortable, good for carrying a pillion in a years time, good price. i'd say go for it.

    oh and 6'1 70kg, before you worry about buying a bike go buy some food! :p :wink:
  3. Thanks :)

    I'll keep some spare change for food yes lol Seriously I can eat all day and not put anything on though.
  4. I remember the days when i was like that...

    More seriosly... i will definately have a YZF600 on my test ride list when i get off my restrictions. it looks like a nice intermediate bike.