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New Rider, Shepparton

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Plark, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Hi All, I'm a new rider.

    After years of wanting to get my license I have finally done it at 30 :)
    Well got my L's and bought a triumph street triple 660.

    I'v spent the last few weeks getting used to the bike and practising and have been loving it.
    Will have to take up into the hills soon and practice on some roads that have at least a few curves :)

    Safe Riding,

  2. Hi Paul, welcome to the forums and the life on two wheels :) Congrats on taking the plunge reasonably early, smart man! Now you have the rest of your life to have one amazing adventure after another. Great choice of a bike, those Triples are so much fun I hear :whistle:! Have fun and stay safe (y)
  3. Welcome Paul, I seem to remember there are a few Shep members, perhaps you can organise a group ride together.
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  4. welcome aboard :] Congrats on the L's and the bike. Enjoy :)
  5. Welcome mate, as above see if you can hook up with other Shep NR riders for some hills rides, or pop down to Yea one day to meet up with others. Yea to Kinglake is a nice run, and if you don't want to go as far East then you can do Broadford to Kinglake too.
  6. Hi and welcome Paul. Lookin for some twisties for the triple, check out Mansfield to Whitfield, you'll be glad you did :playful:
  7. I have found the triple to be very easy and fun to ride, a bit rough on the bumpy roads but not too bad and more power then I can use at the moment.

    yeah i'l have to try and organise something, just have to get a free weekend first, I used to live in Tatong and did a lot of traveling around Mansfield and Bright for work so know the roads well.

    I still get a bit tired on the longer trips, so I reckon a trip up to Buffalo or up the King Valley to Whitfield and Mansfield would be perfect :)
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  8. Welcome Paul, new shepp rider here too, but my bike isnt as nice as yours. Welcome!
  9. welcome to Netrider Paul....nice bike you have there! (y)
  10. Thanks, as long as it's fun to ride that's all that matters Russell ;)
  11. Howdy & Welcome to NR! I often ride from Melbourne to Lake Eildon / Mansfield and thoroughly enjoy the trip. Nice roads in that neck of the woods.

    Best of luck with your riding adventures!

  12. welcome to netrider Paul, you have a nice bike there, great place to live in tatong, I also lived there and raised a family there, in benalla now, you didnt happen to do electical work and do your parents live at tatong, my name is mick james.
  13. Hey Mick how's it going, yep that's me :)
  14. Hi Paul, long time no see, don't hesitate to contact me at any time to go riding, my favourite pass time, l have lots of different combination of rides around all those mountainous areas, and if you have other riding buddies, the more the merrier, cheers.
  15. That would be great, I'm busy this weekend but hoping to go for a ride the next Sunday the 29th.
    If you are free it would be awesome

    One of my workmates might be interested as well but he rides a adventure type bike and likes taking all the dirt roads but i'l ask him, I think he is keen to go up Baffalo.
  16. Hi guys. Newbie here from shepp also. Just got my p's and a 2016 xvs650. Would love to know if any groups in shepp
  17. Well you know of one at least PlarkPlark

    Others I know of are:

    Chris JChris J
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  18. Yeah, Shepp here as well. Theres not so much a group here in Shepp.....yet.....but I am thinking of trying to get people together for a coffee somewhere soon to say g'day to other riders
  19. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Looks like a group ride coming up that start in............................Shepp