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New rider seeking insurance tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wozza, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all, i currently have a Honda CB250 2002 model bike that has done 1500kms. I am a learner and i am age 17. Of course this makes full insurance cost a fortune but i figure its worth it. Can anyone recommend a good insurance company to go with who is fairly cheap (under a grand is great but a little over i can deal with).


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  3. if you join the riders division of motorcycling australia
    you get discounts with some insurers.
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  6. I'm looking at third party. Insure My Ride were fairly cheap and include gear cover. Going to call Western QBE and see if they will beat it - they're supposedly very competitive.
  7. Just got mine from QBE. They were more expensive to start with but once I sent them the Insure My Ride quote, they beat it.

    Also QBE's policy suits me better.

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  9. I love it when someone picks at you MG, I wait giggling to myself for your response, knowing it will be thorough, blunt, and accurate and make them look as stupid as they probably are. :LOL:
  10. A little common courtesy isn't a bad thing - especially when you want to encourage a good community.

    I've got no beef with the feedback you gave but If you're going to get up someone, at least use plain english because I had to ask the younger guys around work what the hell you meant.

    Me: Lads - what is a nOOB?

    Workmates: Depends - in what context?

    Me: Getting up someone for not searching for the obvious answer..

    Workmates: Internet try hard who spends way to much time playing CS or WOW (online games they said) and is generally overweight and has serious self estem issues.

    Me: so that's a noob ey? pretty gay - wo thinks this crap up?

    Workmates: It's old school but no one with any self respect uses it much anymore.

    Me: Why?

    Workmates: Generally you'll find only the dreggs of the Internet sub culture are the ones who still use it

    Me: ahaha that's gold!

    workmates: call them a SK!!

    Me: ?!?!!?? you guys have no life!!!

    I just want to add that i'm fully aware a million different interpretation exist - but sheezuz I'm pressing charges, because I feel i'v been robbed of 5 minutes which could have otherwise been best spent scratching my balls or something!
  11. i dont have the best driving history..

    everyone was knocking me back

    GIO insured my car and bike, so happy with that.

    reasonable rates too if you have a few policy's with them
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  13. Well in that case, because MG isn't a newbie he must just be a boob. BAHAHAHA!

    Edit: I just read through all that other crap, jeezuz have a biatch guys.

    To the OP, I reckon your up for anywhere between $1,000 to $1,800
    but I don't know a lot about CB250s. Dont let them scare you off :LOL:
  14. PM sent MG!