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New Rider Seeking Advise On First Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by liquidshade, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, first time posting here!

    I've just got my motorcycle learners and and having trouble deciding between two bikes.

    Aesthetic wise I have narrowed it down to 2, the Yamaha YZF R125 or the Aprilia RS 125

    I've looked at many reviews on the internet and think at this stage it's going to be the Yamaha.

    Does anyone have any advise or feedback on theses bikes?

    note: I hope i put this in the right forum, if not moderators feel free to move it

    - Mike
  2. Those are two very, very different bikes. The Yamaha is underpowered, making it both dangerous for Australian roads and something you're almost certain to get bored of in less than 3 months.

    The Aprilia is a 2-stroke, so has roughly twice the power of the Yamaha - but delivered over a very narrow range of revs. It's basically a race bike with a numberplate, so although you shouldn't get bored with it as quickly it's also not a particularly good choice for a first bike. They're meant to be ridden flat-out or not at all, and aren't that forgiving of newbie mistakes or all that suitable for just getting from A to B.

    Just do what most of the rest of the country does and get either a CBR250R or a Ninja 250. 125s were designed and built to comply with licensing limits that don't exist in this country (and only apply to 16-18 year olds where they do exist).
  3. I agree with jd. A 125cc bike is not really practical for most people
    I say Ninja 250, or CB400 if your budget can stretcth that far
  4. Super advise jd I could not have put it better.

    liquidshade this is the best free advise I suggest ....use it mate.
  5. The r125 has 14hp that is plenty to do the limit unless you are in NT.
  6. I thought Aprilia dropped the 2-strokers?

    Out of those two bikes I'd say save up for a 250 of some sort of go second hand.
  7. Note the older aprillia RS125 is a 2 stroke, makes an acceptable amount of power and housed in a very reasonable chassis/suspension package. They fun to ride for an experienced rider but not very noob friendly.
    The new one is a 4 stroke and similar to Honda CBR125/150, Yamaha 125, VERY underpowered ( read gutless shitheaps ).

    In most states the LAMS scheme exists, giving a huge range of bikes to choose from...Ninja 250/300, Ninja 650, CB400, GS500 are all significantly better choices than any sub 200cc 4 stroke single.
  8. It's adequate to do the limit provided you don't encounter any particularly steep hills or strong winds.
    The issue though is acceleration, or lack thereof, which prevents you from creating a safe buffer zone in traffic (ie you're always amongst the cars rather than being out in front of them). It's also a problem if you get out onto a windy uphill road, or don't really feel like being stuck doing 70-80kph in a 100 zone because you don't have a chance of overtaking the truck in front of you.

    There's a reason why 125s are actually banned from highways in much of Asia, only Australians seem to be crazy enough to think they're fine. Having ignored those Asian laws, and ridden a 175cc amongst small sub1.5L cars, there's no way I'd be riding a 125cc bike in the sort of traffic we have here (cars are just too big, too fast, and too carelessly driven by comparison).

    But then some people seem to think riding bicycles two-abreast at 10kph on a 100kph limited road with a lot of blind corners is a good idea to - then wonder why so many cyclists get killed each year.
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    They are banned from highway use in Asia because there are too many.

    I rode my mdass that i had on the freeway and its got only 7hp, you need to grow some balls and stop being so scared.

    There is nothing more fun than drafting a semi to get past because you are at wot. Though with a top speed of 130 the r125 is not that kind of bike. It will be fine.
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    All I am gonna say, is seriously reconsider your options.
    Another problem with 125s is that the suspension is setup for light weight riders so if you are over 75kg you will be very close to the bottom of the suspension travel, or at least not in an ideal position of the suspension travel. If you bottom out on a bumpy country road at 100km/h, this could lead to serious brown stains in your undies and possibly worse
  11. No, they were banned because they were considered too dangerous - or at least that's the case in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. Which country are you referring to?

    Numbers aren't the problem from what I've seen, as there certainly wasn't any congestion issues on the narrow motorcycle lanes/roads that run parallel to the main highway. Though these are wide enough for two bikes if you don't mind frequently touching another bike/rider (or the livestock they're carrying) at 60-80kph.

    I'd suggest riding a madass the same way, but in nothing but shorts and a singlet (and no helmet). Might make you realise there's a difference between being scared, and not deliberately putting yourself in a situation where you have to rely on that protective gear.
  12. The r125 has monoshock at least not like the twin shocks from the 70s that the cb400 has, glass houses and all that.

    So you are saying that the r125 wont work becaue it doesnt work in asia where they ride 125s with way less power than the yamaha and they do it with a huge load. Somehowi doubt the op is interested in carrying their produce to market so your point is utter bs. Did you think that the ban might be because not all 125s are as fast as the r125?

    Lol get a car if you want to be safe atgatt isnt going to save you.
  13. Obviously I ride a MadAss and I have to agree with the statements above.
    Don't get me wrong, it has helped me learn to ride, but in hindsight, and knowing what I know now, I would never have bought a 125.
    Hills = 10km/h insta-speed drop...add head wind...take off another 3-5km/hr which is not safe in my books. Struggling to even maintain 80 on a highway can really put ones life in jeopardy (trucks barrelling up your arse, not being able to overtake etc).

    You will get the shits with the lack of power/speed. Needless to say it only took me 3 months to want more , so I will be upgrading as soon as I pass the Ps test...

    ER6-nL now thats the go ;)
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  14. No, I'm saying it won't work because they ride bikes with equivalent or greater power than a R125 - like the 175cc 4-stroke and 135cc 2-stroke that I rode. Sticking an animal on the back just evens out the weight difference between the average Asian and average Australian, which is significant on bikes this small and low-powered.

    Also you seem to have completely missed the point of the second part of my post. I was saying that ATGATT isn't going to save you - so why would you go out of your way to increase your chances of needing it by buying an underpowered 125.
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    how do you know if the op is average? weight has nothing to do with top speed anyway.

    why would you increase your chances of injury when you could buy a car?

    Saying all 115s won't do the limit because some can't is like saying litre bikes won't go faster than 160 because my vt1100 won't, its nonsense.

    You have to look at each bike on its merits, the top speed is 130 so it will be fine at 110.
  16. Yeah, and I specifically mentioned in my first post that the issue is with the lack of acceleration preventing you from getting past or ahead of traffic :banghead: I assumed from the pic in his avatar he wasn't a 50kg Thai.

    If a 125 is so great, why don't you still ride one?
  17. If the OP absolutely wants a 125 then fair enough, but honestly very few people would be happy riding such a bike for any serious length of time.
    Seems like there is quite a bit of debating going on here for the sake of debating.
    There is a bloody lot more to a bike than top speed
  18. Are you suggesting you can't bottom out a mono-shock or being on the last 20mm of suspension travel is safe?
  19. Hrmmmm.. thanks for the feedback guys, looking like I may have to reconsider my options. Btw, Im 6.2 ft tall and weight 95kg, what bikes would suit someone of those measurements best?
  20. Now the problem that I face is I don't like the CBR250 or Ninja 250 aesthetic wise :( .. or any other one for that matter :/

    My dream bike is a Yamaha R6 in dark red/black(pic). So understandably I'm trying to find one that I can ride on my L's that looks closest to it.

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma

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