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New Rider - SE Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cbwolf, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been registered on here and riding for a couple of weeks now so i just thought it's about time i said hi.

    I got my learners about 3 weeks ago and my baby a week after that. Unfortunately if you look through the technical section you'll see that i actually had an off on my very first day of riding (Oil patch on road through a corner) but 4 days later it was all repaired and riding again none the worse for wear (bar a very small fracture in my ankle).

    I'm located in Bentleigh which is in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne and regularly commute to the CBD for work and down Nepean Hwy and Beach Rd on weekends just for fun, so if you happen to see me around, give me a wave and a nod! :D

    Looking forward to getting some more experience, attending some netrider rides and maybe even getting one of the more experienced members on here to show me a thing or two!

    And finally, here's a couple of pics of my baby. It's a '92 Honda CBR250RR:




  2. Sweet looking ride! Welcome to the club!

  3. Nice ride, man....
    wonder how much did it cost you (if you dont mind my asking)
  4. Welcome cbwolf, from a fellow newbie! Nice looking bike mate!

  5. Nice bike Welcome cbwolf
  6. welcome to the nut house
    enjoy your time here
  7. Welcome, looks like you have got good taste with that Megacycle exhaust.
  8. haha
    am i the only one that read that and thought 'you had a baby 2 weeks after getting a bike licence??'

    i have monday brain
    and i'm off nepean road too! (in mentone tho) we should go up and down beach road repeatedly sometime :)
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    Hippo, i'd be more then happy too ride with you! We should organize something for a weekend, maybe we can get another couple of NetRider members to come along!
  10. Hey welcome,

    I thought I saw a similar bike on nepean but going the oposite direction. I wouldnt mind going out for a ride. I'm in mentone so not far from bentley.

    For a ride we have to think where to go.

    Other than that. Nice bike.....