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New rider saying hey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shambles90, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all just bought my first bike about 2 weeks ago and i thought id join this friendly community and just say hey to everyone, hopefully catch up with some of you in the Melbourne area for a ride sometime

  2. Right forum - congrates ;)

    Nice work NOT buying for Ray Quincey - you saved yourself a lot of trouble down the track.

    Read up on the Vic sub-forum, there's two weekly rides learner friendly, tuesday night and saturday morning.

    Welcome and enjoy your stay... :)
  3. Thanks for that, yeah already been looking that up looks like a good place to start to get to know a few more people who ride, hopefully make it out there on Saturday with the girlfriend
  4. Hi Shambles90 and welcome onboard.
  5. welcome to NR :)
  6. Welcome Shambles

    Search is your best friend round ere but still, don't be afraid to ask if you can't find it. The info might just be buried and dusty after the move
  7. welcome to NR Shambles

    the learners stuff is great ... should be a L friendly ride coming up in the near future ...

    nudges Brownyy ...

    hmmmmmmm strawberries :p
  8. Hi Shambles and welcome to NR
  9. welcome bud :)
  10. gimmy time kitt gimmy time... wait I've had heaps... i'll get onto it soon...
  11. welcome enjoy the ride
  12. G'day, you will enjoy this group.
  13. Welcome Shambles
  14. Welcome to NR
  15. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, beein away from the internet for a bit and since i last posted been riding a fair bit did a nice 250km ride the other day with the gf, and now got my brand new 2010 ninja up to 1300kms :D hopefully see you all at the superbike on the weekend look for the blue ninja with the big L on the back
  16. *waves*
    Welcome to NR and enjoy your time. In the mean time enjoy the superbikes ( lucky so & so :p)