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New rider saying Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vim16v, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hi fellow riders..

    I've been a long timer lurker so i thought it was time to say g'day and introduce myself. I'm based North Side Sydney. (Crow Nest)
    Always been into bikes but never did anything about it..

    Finally got myself riding late Dec and haven't looked back.. (why didn't i do it sooner comes to mind..)
    Current ride is a vtr250 which i enjoy..
    Since i am 'considered' mature, i am unrestricted and currently fighting the voices in my head to upgrade to a CBR600RR..
    Riding is so addictive..

    Anyways.. Keep up the good work on the forum and maybe see some of you on a ride..

    Cheer - V
  2. Welcome aboard. You have a great bike to practice on and you will know when its time to upgrade. Just dont rush it as you are most likely not using anywhere near the full potential of the 250 yet and a super sport is a big step.
  3. Welcome....

    Did the same, considered mature rider, was on a Spada 250 for about a year, didn't know what to get. Finally got a Triumph Sprint 07 (1049cc). Handles so much better, and you don't hang on for dear life at speed.
    I took my time, don't regret the wait one bit.
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of riding. I have been on bikes now for 23 years but still wish I had started earlier.
    Make the most of your VTR and build up your skills before upgrading as you will be surprised at the power increase you will get moving to a 600

    Stay safe
  5. Hello and welcome!
    Rubber side down to you! :grin:
  6. Cheers guys..

    Yeah, I know what you mean about the power difference between 250 and 600cc..

    I foolishly rode my mates 04 R6.. the power difference was amazing.
    And like an addict, I have wanted more..
  7. Hi :)

    Nice bikes the VTR250's!

    Don't rush the upgrade... take plenty of time to test ride all sorts of bikes, not just the ones on your short list.

    You may well find that what you like to look at isn't what you like to ride :idea:
  8. welcome

    have fun
  9. Hey welcome aboard. :grin:
  10. welcome to NR ... Its addictive be warned!
  11. Let me add my welcome too, vim. If your 'mature age' extends to your attitude as well as your chronology, a bigger bike shouldn't be a problem. Just 'play yourself in' and be careful, (especially around all those ethnic chickkies in their BMWs around Crows Nest :rofl:).
  12. get the RR, get the RR!!!

    welcome aboard :grin:
  13. i had a '89 spada. neat and clean i would say.. heaps of fun but doesnt have the power. but it is a good learner's bike.. the only difference with spada and VTR is the gear, spada is 6, vtr is 5.. but dont think it make much of a differences. havent rode it hard.. only 140+k while on the way back from motogp last year.