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New rider....same old questions

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chillidog, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. :overreact:

    Hey guys,

    Been lurking around for a few weeks, reading up and felt dirty not introducing myself.

    I'm a new rider, but have had some bikes before (20 years ago). I'm booked in to get my Ls this weekend and looking at all types of bikes.

    As I've ridden before (cb250 and cbr1000 plus some ag bikes) and I'm a big bastard now, I'm looking at a full size lams bike.

    Have narrowed it down to 3:

    Ninja 650rl (have a great deal on offer on a new one...plus they are offering $1k cash back at the moment.
    Gpx650fu... Like the 4 cylinders.... But it's heavy
    Gs500f... Old tried and tested

    Just wondering people's thoughts on the value of a new bike as opposed to second hand. There is not a lot of savings to be had from the second hand ones when you factor in ORC and the value of the warranty. Having only bought cars for the past 20 years, I just find it hard to save as little as $1k and get second hand. The biggest savings I'm seeing is on the GS, but 3-4 year old bikes selling for $4-5k plus ORC with 10-15k km on the clock when I can ride away on a brand new one for $7k doesn't make sense.....if I have the spare cash.


    I'm also looking forward to attending some of your rides and learning loads.
  2. Welcome to the forum :)

    The biggest advantage of buying secondhand is not saving money on the initial outlay, it's losing less when you inevitably sell it. Bikes like the GS500F hold their value quite well from what I've seen, so you end up losing much less on resale than on a new bike. A new bike will depreciate by like 20% the second you roll off the floor.
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  3. plus they didn't make old bikes for girls....only new ones....buy a old bike and thrash the fcuk out of it...then when you get a new bike after that...retire the old bike to your loungeroom as your drinking chair when your watching motogp.
  4. This.
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  5. I think you're in a similar situation to me.

    I bought the gs500 but are you aware Suzuki are flogging those off and clearing what they have ? Dealers are flogging them with Orc for $6k you need to find a dealer who will sell you a later model tho, they seem to have a back log of 2010 (L0) models.

    The gs is top heavy in my opinion. And I'm not overly wrapped in mine.

    I didn't want to go with a neutered 650 which is why I went with the gs.

    If I was buying now personally, I would get a 250 till I got off my ps and then get something nicer. The gs is pretty fugly also.

    That my 2cents I'm no bike expert but I am on my L's & did buy a new gs.
  6. I agree I should get a 250, but here is a sample of how that would look:


    So I will need a full size bike, thats why I'm looking at the models above.
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  7. I was just giving my thinking. Since getting the GS I been thinking ill probably swap it as soon as I get off P's originally I was thinking I'd keep it for a bit after.

    I'm 100kg which is a reason I went with the GS myself.

    I see there are some CB500 's coming out soon they look cooler than the gs, I'd be interested to see what they cost ;)
  8. watever u buy u wont keep.
    the end
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  9. I can see the truth in that.
  10. I agree.

    Whatever bike I buy I will only have for between 15-24 months.

    I intend to buy a bike now and upgrade summer next year.

    However I do want to ensure the bike I get I enjoy and fits me.

    There is no point me having a bike that is uncomfortable or I wont ride it.

    Same if it is underpowered and feels like I need to get off an push (I know I'm exagerating) up a hill.

    I'm a big guy.

    Also, if I get a bike I'm not so fussed about, I wont ride it as much as a bike that is comfortable and fun to ride.

    With regards to dropping money on the bike, we all have different circumstances. If I buy a bike for around $10k and drop 30-40% over the next 2 years I am way in front of my other options... buy myself a new car and drop 30-40% on the value of a new car.... with the bike I will be way in front.

    I also have a lease on one of my cars which has a fixed buyback amount... provided I don't go over a certain number of KM. At the moment I will exceed those KM... The plan is to get a bike I will love riding and put some KM on that as opposed to the car.... but for this to happen, the bike needs to be ridden... which means I need to be comfortable.

    With regards to buying second hand or new, I would need a saving of over $2-3k before I could make the numbers stack up to "risk" buying a second hand bike.

    Hopefully I've not come across as an ass here :whistle:

    I just want to get the best possible bike that will optimise my riding experiance for the next 2 years... having said all of the above...I still like getting a bargin.
  11. I've taken the plunge.

    Just need to figure out how to post pics :geek:
  12. And nice looking bike it is too.
  13. Easiest way to post pics is to use something like Photobucket, then post the links into this thread.
  14. Also there is a min no of posts until you can post pics from memory
  15. I wonder if that's an issue if you use links instead?
  16. Awesome lookin' Green Machine (y)