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New rider - safety gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricomac, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Just picked up a back protector and some boots. On the road I will now have a full armoured mesh jacket, back protector, Draggins with knee pads and boots. Seems like a lot though. What does everyone else wear. I reckon I am going to be hot hot hot................

  2. I always wear my Honda jacket (with zip out liner) Rossi boots, Draggins and obviously helmet and gloves. Yes it gets hot sometimes (when you stop) but whats the alternative?
  3. I like my skin and skin gafts are very painfull, so I wear safety stuff every trip. I wear a suit, gloves, boots and helmet. Saving for a back protector - but both my suits have CE back protection already in them ( Hey! Something is better than nothing ).
  4. I hear it's kool to ride with out saftey gear and twice as cool with out skin on.LOL.

    I ride with summer jacket and all the gear its only hot when you stop.
    I got a KOOLIT ,its like a bandana with a sponge in it ,which you put into water.
    you put it around your neck and when the wind hits it ,it cools you down a fair bit more then you would think .
    Go to rebel sports $15 ,in the tennis section.
    Someone posted here about it and it's good for $15 for long rides.
  5. I'd highly recomend a helmet. :wink:
  6. Its a 10 minute ride to work, so normally i only wear my 5.11 tactical boots, long pants, shirt and a helmet of course. So far i havent got a jacket or gloves.
  7. wel, if he leaves helmet till last, he wont be alowed to ride untill he gets all proper gear ;)
  8. Got a helmet lads. In fact, upgraded today but still nothing fancy. Would like one of those chrome reflective visors though. Anyone know the story if it gets dark? Can you see out?
  9. You can see if you are somewhere like the city (lotsa lights) but as soon as you go somewhere with poor lighting it can become very difficult when wearing a tinted/mirror visor.

    I wear my gear which is the same as what you brought minus the back protector most of the time and i find that when you are moving it's fine, it's when you're stopped in traffic that it gets hot, but better that then no skin ;) ..
  10. Some statistics somewhere (somebody will know the ones) suggest that a good percentage of accidents happen only five minutes from home or on frequently riden roads. I'm not sure what speeds you hit, but I'd be guessing that 'long pants' would give you SFA protection. No gloves? No gloves? Damn..... Just my $0.02
  11. ive got all the gear cept fopr a turtleshell (backprotector) my jacket has the foam liner in the back.. better than nothing.. back protector will be next.

    jackets.. gloves.. i guess its all as important as the other at the end of the day.. it covers skin.
  12. I've been known to ride in regular jeans or regular jeans jacket sometimes (around town, short slow trips only) but one thing I would NEVER skip is gloves!

    The way I see it, if accident happens various parts of my body might or might not be involved - but there is no way on Earth I will not land on my hands! Anyone who mastered a trick of falling and not spreading their hands out are clearly superhuman and have nothing to worry about because thanks to their superhuman skills they will never crash. But I'm not one of those people, so I always wear gloves.
  13. ditto on that... If I had an acident Id like to keep at least part of my dignaty, and not being able to dress myself/go to the loo without assistance, it would suck.
    You dont realise how much you need fully functional hands untill you dont have them :cry:
  14. I ama 250 rider as well, and i have the lot, full leather kit and Joe Rocket back protector on order.

    I dont care if anyone gives me shits for having all the bling, i need to be as safe as possible - and its folks like like me who dont ride every day who probably need it more.

    Helmut and gloves is kinda like petrol, without any of them my bike aint going nowhere.