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New Rider SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Named, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Greetings all,

    I'm a novice rider in the (very) northern suburbs of Adelaide. I'll be on my Learner's until I book the next Rider Safe course (a one day assessment for those not familiar).
    I'd be capable of passing now but i'm still in the habit of finding a nice quiet car park to practice slow speed maneouvring, braking and counter-steering. That seems slightly less ridiculous when you've got L plates on...

    I bought a 2016 Yamaha MT-03, with an Akrapovic full exhaust and oggy knobs installed by the dealer [all covered under original 2 year warranty that way ;) ].

    My ride is for commuting, learning to ride and basic maintenance, so I'm not changing too much on it. But I will get a tail tidy to be rid of all the unnecessary ugly plastic at the back and I really need to change the stock mirrors (they show 50-60% my shoulders/elbows no matter how I position them). I'll probably get some CRG Lanesplitter barend mirrors with barend mounts from Rhino Parts to solve that problem.

    If you're in the north of Adelaide and see an MT-03 weaving around cones in a carpark somewhere, come over to say hello :)
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  2. welcome aboard :)

    Congrats on the bike :) bet it sounds awesome :)
  3. Welcome.

    I can't speak for the others on here, but I've been riding road bikes for 20 years and I will still occasionally find an empty car park and practice slow speed riding etc. I used to do it more when I went to bike rallies - there's prizes like beer, whisky or rum to be had if you win the slow race........
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate
  5. Hi there
    I'm from SA (Newton) and new around here as well.
    I'm still searching for a bike to buy and I'm very keen to get either a KTM690 Duke or the MT07HO or MT09.
    Welcome to the site!
  6. Thank you :] It's a world of difference from the scooter stock. It even throws a pop at me every so often on shifts, to make sure i'm paying attention haha.

    The bigger bro of my bike is probably a very nice ride. I believe the bigger MTs are different builds to their full fairing counterparts.
    Whereas my little MT-03 is pretty much an R3 with less plastic and different bars! :)

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.
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  7. Welcome. Seeya out there sometime :)
  8. Welcome :cool:
  9. Hey NamedNamed welcome to NR.
    I found the practice in the car park to be a bucket of fun. Also, choose your own 'level of difficult'. If the test says you need to weave 5 cones, at 4 metres with an off-set of 60 cm (NSW rules from memory) - good, do that. But that doesn't mean you can't take it further. Do enough to build your confidence and your feel for the bike.
    Remember to have some fun.
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  10. Have fun - and develop a long distance view of the road - unlike most car drivers.
  11. Welcome mate
  12. Welcome to NR from.........................Adelaide. I will get a ride organised soon.
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  13. Hi And welcome NamedNamed :)

    i'm in the North too.

    will do...
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  14. Welcome to NR and Enjoy
  15. Welcome to NR..
  16. gday and welcome to NR NamedNamed - drilling at low speed on a regular basis is a great idea for all riders. I should do it regularly but I don't.
  17. Howdy and welcome NamedNamed , there's plenty of 2wheeled aficionados in Ads and the no.s are growing.

    It's all about learning so have fun and keep practicing :)
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  18. Thanks for the welcomes and the encouragement. I'd be interested in attending an Adelaide meet up.

    It's 500kms later and I only feel about 5% improvement ;)

    It took me a while to appreciate that my clutch engages with much less of a lever pull than the old Suzuki I rode at Rider Safe. (it's a much nicer adjustment but I was dropping the clutch because of this)

    I am still far too tense in the hands (and the brain). Trying to learn to do things smoothly. I could most certainly pass the assessment to get off my Ls now but i'll stick with them for a while longer, just to advertise my lack of ability to other road users haha...
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  19. I think the most important thing is like you said, relax a bit. You need to pay extra attention to traffic etc but relax on the saddle mate, you know what to do and if the thing aren't smoothest now only the practice will do it.
    Enjoy your rides.
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