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New rider ready to ride

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by squidler, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. hi all,

    had an intro thread that was moved to reviews so i thought to repost a proper hello in the intro pages.

    my name is jan from nsw,

    still searching for a bike but saying hi to netrider and learning heaps in the process.
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  2. Hi Jan & welcome :)
  3. *waves hello*
  4. Welcome!

    Where in NSW are you?

    If you are close to Sydney get yourself down to the L's practice sessions at Homebush when you get a Bike. Major bonus for those around Sydney and the guys there can help you practice on a laid out MOST course.
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  5. Hello and welcome :)
  6. hi thanks for the welcome guys.

    NSSherlock, i'm close to homebush so that sounds great.
    just have to get my bike and make my way down there

    hopefully i can get a deal on a couple of potentials by this weekend

  7. Hi and welcome mate...

    I'm new here as well, and looking for a bike too... LOL!

    We may be rivals for a while, till you get a bike anyway... I'm still looking... :)
  8. Hi Zigzac, welcome too

    nothing like some friendly rivalry.
    looks like we are competing to find our first bikes for now lol
  9. ladyboy ?
  10. Haha... I'm looking at the honda CBR250r, the new ones, and the old ones... what are your preferences?
  11. was hoping for one of those too but it's a little out of the budget for now.
    so i'm stuck looking at the cbr125s or r15s.

    pending budget, maybe a 250cc but nothing new. a ninja or vtr.

    or pretty much anything on 2 wheels for now haha
  12. Lol I know what you mean mate... having a small budget but looking for a nice bike... are you going for new or used?

    A used r15 could go for around the same price as a used 250 in many cases, so something to think about and look out for.. :)

    I heard the 125s are quite underpowered, so I guess they'd be good for short commutes for economy, but don't quote me on that... :)
  13. How small is the budget? It could well be worth saving up a bit more to get into the $3,000 -$4,000 range as it opens up so many good LAMS used bikes. Add another $1,000 and then it's even better choice.
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  14. was told the same thing about the 125 bikes too but they felt like a taller bike overall.
    budget was 2500 for a starter bike but after the advice i may have to increase it.
    i blame the lifestyle of a student lol

    going to test ride a few 250cc bikes to check the difference so lets hope it goes well!
  15. welcome! My learner was a ninja 250 and I really loved it!
  16. a small but not exciting update,

    had a chance to sit on a few bikes and even test ride a few of them. what i noticed..

    (cbr125r) did not realise how thin the 125cc frames were and the effort required for power to come on while the bike is already moving. off the line did not seem like much of an issue.

    (ninja250r) is probably the most comfortable bike i yet to sit on but looking at the prices are a fair bit more expensive than what i originally wanted to spend. if it is within price range, the bike is either damaged or unregistered.

    (R15) felt somewhat similar to the ninja 250r but the hands did not feel as comfortable as the ninja. not sure if just in head but felt like i was leaning on wrists more.

    saw a suzuki (gs500f) that interested me but was a much bigger and framed bike than the rest. did not get a chance to sit on that one.

    even got a little desperate and thought about a (cb125e) for daily communiting purposes lol
  17. i did go to a number of dealers and i do not know if it was just me or if it really is this low of a standard but as a new rider with very little knowledge and looking to purchase a first bike,

    it seemed as because i was not looking to purchase the most expensive lams bike in the lot, there was no assistance or help provided.

    questions were answered with such negative "yeah whatever" attitude without giving any info or detail to the bikes, got the "they're all the same, it's just want you want to sit on" answer.

    i wont say its from all dealers, went to 4 dealers and copped it from 3.

    makes it a bit hard to make the purchase with that being had while paid inspections are roughly $200 for them to come out see the bike and give you a report.
  18. Welcome and good luck in the search for wheels.
  19. welcome aboard :) if u don't mind a cruiser try a VN or EL Eliminator
  20. Hi Jan welcome and good luck with the search.