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New Rider Rain Tips Please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by enmore, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I wonder if anyone could throw some tips my way about riding in the rain?
    I rode to work today, my third time, and it started to rain. There was a slight chance of a shower and that shower came...
    Things like rain on visor, glasses road possision and so on.

    Thanks guys and gals!


  2. Take everything much smoother and slower. Calculate your movements in advance and be careful.

    Visor, not much you can do. Some gloves will have a rain wipey-thing on the index fingers, most won't. You can always place your index finger vertical and wipe your visor - it certainly helps with mine. I also recommend applying a product called RainX to you outside of your visor. Over about 70km/h the rain will seriously run off your visor in beads making it heaps easier to see.

    Road position - your buffering (particularly to the vehicle in front) should be much larger. Remember to also keep your eyes on the cars behind you when you pull into a stop as their reaction time is reduced greatly in the wet as well.
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  3. Stay right away from any painted white surfaces like pedestrian strips. They will be like oil on glass. Same goes for those steel plates they put on the roads during construction.

    At roundabouts, there will be a lot of oil and crap on the road surface, and if it's just started to rain and that oil lifts to the surface, it's going to be as slippery as hell too. You might find the front wheel getting out from under you as you turn.

    As taymaishu says above, calculate your movements in advance.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    In regards to the painted lines there is an old servo on a bend very close to my house that has painted white lines accross the whole road all around the bend....

    Thats going to be fun.......
  5. Don't overplay this, painted surfaces are reduced grip, not no grip. Metal plates and oils spills are worse. There may be greater risk making unpredictable moves trying to avoid them than simply going over them with more care. Reduce your acceleration and braking forces where there is less grip.
  6. Move to Melbourne, it never rains here.
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  7. Look for oil in that middle track particularly when you stop at traffic lights. keep out of the middle there if you can.
    Oil in dips, start of uphill sections, just about anywhere - look for it and be aware of it.
    I use little cleaning wipes on my visor ( "Shift it visor wipes") and water tends just run off. Anythin else there easily ahndledby my glove.

    Old tip of a a bit of dishwashing liquid mixed with water used to clean the inside of your visor to help prevent it fogging up.
  8. Good advice above.

    At the first signs of rain, be wary since the water lifts up oils and dirt etc reducing traction. After it has rained a while and the roads are well washed, the available traction from the bitumen is actually pretty good.

    Spray your chain with lube ASAP as wet riding strips the lube and schedule in a chain clean and lube almost ASAP to save you unecessary wear and tear.
  9. Thanks all for the good advice!
  10. Carry a little rear brake when accelerating out of a corner - that will help reduce the likelihood of wheelspin.

    As Titus said - painted lines (etc) are REDUCED traction, but not a complete ice rink. The centre of a lane, when pulling up to some lights in the wet is worse.

    Visor - once you get to about 60/70, try turning your head a little to one side. Often it will clear the side of your visor. Then, turn your head the other way a little, and presto - clear. The fact remains though, that spray will cover the outside of your visor.

    Some peope wear sunnies even when it rains - however they tend to fog up even more than a visor.

    You can buy various products to help reduce fogging on the inside of your visor (eg cat crap). I use pinlock inserts on both visors (clear on tinted visor, protectint on clear visor) and have zero fogging, even when sitting at the lights in the rain with visor down.

    Make sure your jacket goes OVER the cuff of your gloves. That first trickle of water down the inside of your wrist, into your glove, will soon be a glove full of water. It's annoying, but worst - it's distracting.

    Most of all, ride "soft". Soften your grip on the bars, soften your knees against the tank. If the bike needs to wriggle a fraction because of some oil midway through a corner, let it.
  11. One other thing to consider is - try to remain relaxed. Tensing up will mitigate all the good advice above.
  12. ...but WILL stop water entering via your bum hole if you fall off in a puddle....
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  13. Wise words.
    I stick a lump of coal up my clacker before riding in the rain. When I reach my destination I pull out a diamond.
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  14. I was going to reply, but no need. Pretty well covered here.

    Personally, I enjoy riding in the rain as long as I'm not having a blat through the twisties etc... I'll still ride the twisties in the wet if I must, but, prefer not to. When commuting, if you stay relaxed and dry(ish), I find it fun :)
  15. if you haven't already.. I'd spend $20-30 on a pair of over trousers. I have been blooming amazed at how wet my undies would get commuting in the rain, much happier with the overtrousers. My gf has been riding since the dark ages, and was always complaining about a wet crotch, so I got her some.. not sure if she uses them, but she's not moaned as much lately.
  16. If she hasn't been moaning much then you aren't trying hard enough. get those undies wet! ;)
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  18. I had so many innuendos running in my head but didn't have the balls to post them :)
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