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New rider questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Decko68, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Hi Everyone , I might be slightly off topic here.

    I was wondering if people can suggest me something with my situation.

    AIM : I've always loved riding and I wish to convert my unrestricted overseas rider licence to NSW full R licence so I can buy a decent CC bike and start enjoying. I've had Suzuki and Yamaha's in the past and I'm comfortable riding a bike.

    So far, I've done my L's already and now I'm up for MOST test, which I haven't booked.

    I want to practice and then sit for MOST test, and also I'll need to hire a bike, helmet and gloves for this two separate situations. I had contacted HART at St IVES and they're booked out until 7th of May for MOST practice. I've also contacted another company and it only does training in Clyde for an hour and he said I'll have to squeeze practise(morning) and test on the same day(afternoon) which also includes hire, all for $250. I want to do this on two separate days. It is too much pressure for me, all in one day as I've never ridden a motorbike in Australia.

    Do you guys know any other places that provides these services or even if you think there's a better way to approach this situation?

    Best regards
  2. Hi and welcome Decko68Decko68 , don't sweat the MOST test if you've held an OS license then I'm guessing you have experience on two wheels. The MOST test is based on slow speed exercises with some emergency braking tossed in for good measure and the test is all conducted on a enclosed off road circuit. On the day of the test you will go through all the exercises with your testing instructor and practice them before doing the actual test in the afternoon. Here's a few links below that should put your nerves at ease. I would suggest your biggest hurdle would be driving on Aussie roads after passing the test, best of luck with it (y).
    Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST)

  3. You could try Wheelskills at Tuggerah on the Central Coast. Easy train trip from Sydney (one stop before Wyong) and the training range is walking distance from Tuggerah station.
    If you come out of the station cross the road and turn right, you'll find it tucked up a driveway just by the Metro service station.

    Address: 150 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah NSW 2259
    Phone:(02) 4920 8028
  4. fatbastardfatbastard
    I'll look into it.

    Andrew WestAndrew West
    Agreed! Riding through North Sydney and Epping Road traffic will be more intense than a skills test.
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    What is MOST? Okay, it's an acronym. Still, how does it fit into the whole process of getting your licence in NSW?

    QRide (abridged):
    - Get RE learner's from TMR (Transport & Main Roads, Previously known as the Department of Transport)
    - Practice riding a LAMS bike under supervision of a licenced rider
    - Book proficiency session with QRide or QSafe accredited trainer/examiner
    - Get QRide/QSafe certificate and take to TMR to upgrade license
    - Practice riding a non-restricted/non-LAMS bike under supervision of a fully licenced rider
    - Book proficiency session with QRide or QSafe accredited trainer/examiner
    - Get QRide/QSafe certificate and take to TMR to upgrade license
  6. MOST is the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test for NSW Learner riders who are progressing to a Provisional (P-plate) rider licence.
  7. And then what are the rules?
    In QLD the licence is the same. I was on an open car licence so was not required to display P-Plates, only when learning to ride the next class of bike will I need to put L plates on again. The one weird thing is that even though I'm not a learner or provisional rider, I cannot have any blood alcohol content for 12months (not that I'm a drinker anyway).
    MOST sounds like it's very similar to the proficiencies for QRide; slalom, figure 8's, walking pace, emergency braking etc.
  8. When you get a NSW Learner rider licence you have to display a yellow L-plate, observe a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h and have 0.00% blood alcohol content. Of these rules, the only thing that changes when you get a Provisional rider licence is that you now display a red P-plate for your P1 licence which must be held for a minimum of 12 months before upgrading to a P2 (green P-plate) licence which is held for a minimum of 24 months.

    On a P2 licence, you now have a maximum 100 km/h speed limit but you still must not exceed 0.00% blood alcohol content. On each of these licences - Learner, P1 and P2 - only LAMS motorcycles can be ridden. There is a caveat for riders over 25 years of age who also hold a full driver licence - they can skip the P2 stage and progress to a full rider licence after holding a P1 license for a minimum of 12 months - a category I'm in.

    It is probably very similar. The MOST doesn't have a figure-8 assessment but everything else you've mentioned is included. NSW is separated into 'declared areas' - where there is a higher population - which means you have to attend a rider course and assessment to get your Learner and P1 licences and 'undeclared areas' with lower populations and no requirement to attend courses but instead do a kerbside version of the MOST with a NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) assessing officer - which is what I did.
  9. Is this right re: q-ride?

    I did RE Learner's (theoretical) during week, booked q-ride assessment for that weekend, got certificate, took it to TMR on Monday and walked out with an open class RE licence, went bought bike that arvo and was on the road the next day - one week total.
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  10. That is pretty much spot on CaffeineMonster. I am doing exactly the same. One lesson 1 on 1 with an instructor who advised me to book my Qride test for the next weekend and then after that we will focus on advanced roadcraft as I will be doing a lot of highway and heavy traffic riding.

    I have my Qride on Saturday, only did one 2 hour lesson last week! Literally got my learner licence the night before ny lesson. It is efficienct but just a little bit crazy!
  11. I thought bit crazy to begin also - but thankful could just get on with it. I have been driving for 20 years all over the world, so roadcraft already well developed, just really had to learn the riding part. Did the 2 day course (Sat & Sun), first day learning to ride, second day morning refresher and arvo assessment - was pretty easy in the end.

    I agree with the advanced roadcraft / riding instruction once have licence - I did it and it was very useful, especially as bike I bought is a lot different to bike did assessment on.

    Anyway, good luck with your coming assessment and finding a ride you like!
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  12. That is pretty much what I did. I'd been learning on a LAMS 250 for a while.
    Booked a QRide lesson on a Saturday, instructor said I should book for the test, so following Saturday I went through. Then went to TMR on Monday to update licence.
  13. My partner went straight onto his unrestricted opens! That was a few years back before the waiting periods were in effect!