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New rider questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by son of eevil, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. So my name is Mitch I live in Newcastle, I'm 20 and I'm booked in for my learners test in 2 weeks and my questions are:

    I don't own a bike and I don't own any gear and no one I know will let me ride theirs so after I get my license will bike shops have loaner gear I can borrow?

    How can I go about getting experience on the road I don't REALLY want to be taking a bike for a test ride and have it be my 1st time on the road since my test.

    So is there somewhere I can go to get experience?

    Thanks guys,
  2. you'll probably need to buy gear. can often do a package deal with the bike.
    after the L's course you should be OK on the road.
    test rides are a problem but you really just need to know you're comfortable on the bike. there will probably be an insurance excess associated with the test ride, possibly several thousand
  3. IMO, and at the risk of getting flamed, test rides maybe aren't such a great idea in your situation. By all means take an experienced rider, let them have a test ride if it's a second hand bike, confirm everything is mechanically sound.

    But if you're taking it for a test ride, what are you looking for? You have no basis of comparison, and from what I understand, a lot of bike shops won't let you take it out the door on your L's anyway.

    Work out what you want in a bike, research it, then go sit on it, make sure you're comfortable with the controls, everything feels ergonomic for you and you'll be comfortable on the bike. No LAMS approved is gonna blow your socks off with it's performance, and on a test ride, you'll not have the experience, knowledge or confidence to really find out just how forgiving the bike is and how it handles when really asked to anyway.
  4. I would normally I'd say something like "Ride everything, buy the one that you like the most".

    Given that it's your first bike chances are you will want to get rid of it within 12 months so don't stress to much about it.

    If you don't know much about bikes take an experienced and trusted friend with you who does know about bikes, particularly if you're buying second hand.

    With gear, buy the best YOU can afford. Make sure it fits properly. Specifically with a helmet, put them on, do up the chin strap and leave it on your head for at least 5 minutes, longer is better. If you get a headache or it just doesn't feel comfortable, try a different size, brand, model. If you wear glasses, make sure they fit inside the helmet properly. Remember that the best helmet isn't necessarily the most expensive one, how it fits YOUR head is far more important than how much it costs.
  5. Hey Mitch

    It is possible to hire a bike and some gear although the excess for insurance purposes can be quite high.

    If you are in Sydney have a look at http://www.bikescape.com.au/ they will hire to learners. I hired one from there and got some extra training with a guy called Mick, I have his details if you're interested.

    I know most guys would head out and buy everything first and just learn from there but I would suggest this is a pretty good way to go if you can afford it. Gives you a better feel of what you would want your bike and gear to have.

    Best of luck