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New rider questions (Q3. Where should I buy?)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Myestro, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Here is question 3. (Q1 https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=311526#311526 Q2 https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=311544#311544)

    I know I will save dollars buying a bike from the Trading Post or the like (in other words, anywhere but a dealer). I'm looking to buy something up to about 3 years old. Looking at prices on bikes, I think it makes more sense to pay $1000 more and get something 10 years newer, I can’t believe how these bikes hold their value. I think I would prefer to buy from a dealer because of the warranty factor and all that, also probably get a better price on gear (considering I will spend top dollar on gear) Question: How much would I save by not buying from a dealer? How much discount would I get on gear if I buy the bike from the dealer too? Or would I get a pretty good discount if I spend about $2500 or $3000 on gear anyway? How much will the dealers offer me for a 3 year old VTR or ZZR when I trade one in for a new bike next year (ie. how much will I lose on the bike)? I have looked at Redbook, but if their prices on bikes are as accurate as they are for cars, then Redbook is a waste of time. so hope you guys can help.

  2. spend as little as your ego will allow on your first bike and keep in mind that condition is really the only factor you need to worry about. a new ZZR is the same as a 5 year old ZZR which is the same as a 10 year old ZZR which is the same as a 15 year old ZZR etc. the only really recently developed 250s are the hyosungs, and even they're not really at the pinnacle of anything.

    savings from a dealer to private... i was looking at GPXs for a mate over the weekend, a shop wanted $5500 on the road for a 2000 model. we looked around at a few privates and found a 99 model with a few more kays but in the same basic condition and colours for $4000 on the road with MORE rego.

    and $2500-$3000 on gear???? :shock: what the hell are you buying??? buy a good helmet for sure, but dont get hung up on the high price tag = more safety thing. anything past about $400 i would consider a very good helmet and will arguably protect you just as well (do a search and see what you can find on helmet standards). and for the rest of your gear, buy online, you'll save a fortune. should be able to deck yourself out for winter with minimal expenditure, then once you've been riding a bit more you can decide what will suit you best for the summer fanging months.
  3. THanks for that Coconuts, maybe I was abit coconuts myself with the cost of gear. :), but by the same token, you only buy it once and I dont want to be buying something twice because I went on the cheap the first time. I now for some stuff you pay for the label, but the fact ths something is a renowned brand name means that it has proven itself, and I'm happy to pay alittle extra for that piece of mind, afterall we're talking about something that could (hopefully never have to find out) ultimately save your life some day. I dont want to be lying in the ECU with tubes coming out of my mouth thinking I should paid the extra $100.

    What places do you recommend with buying online? I'm personally not a big fan of ebay due to the amount of imitations going round. And the problem is when it comes to leathers for example, it's too late when you fall off and your jacket falls apart to realise you have bought a dud.

    With regard to the older bikes, I understad that they are practically unchanged over many years, but are there any reliability issues as bikes get older? if so what sort of things do I need to look out for? I also know it's easy to ckock back kays on a bike and 250's being predominantly owned by learners I would imagine would have been dropped more and stuff like that, so this is the reason I would rather buy something towards the newer end.
  4. For gear, do what I did, buy from a US Ebay shop.
    I got an Alpinestars TZ1 jacket, Alpinestars leather pants and Icon Field Armour boots for $818 and that included shipping. Peter Stevens wanted $1298 and that's just for the pants and jacket!
  5. ... Just go try on the stuff you want to buy over the net at a local shop first - I'm usually a Medium but when I went to try on Dririder jackets I found the Small stuff actually fit me better...
  6. Capt, how do you know their authentic? my mate goes to China for business, he recons you can buy anything you want imitation and you woulnd't know the difference you give them a photo of what you want and they locate it and have it ready for you to pick up later that day, he bought an imitation Luis Vuiton bag for his mrs that even come with the certificate of authenitcation, he could easily sell that on ebay as authentic and the buyer would have a hard time knowing the difference, it's pretty bad out there, you really need to be carefull. My mate bought a set of golf clubs from ebay thinking he got a bargain and when he hit the ball realised they were crap.

    One thing I know is that high end manufacturers dont set up shop in ebay and I doubt they would allow their distributors to do so either, don't get me wrong, I have bought many things from ebay, but I wouldn't trust it where authenticity and quality counts. Im not saying that what you bought is not the real thing and not saying its the case 100% of the time, but I have too much doubt from what I have seen to trust it.

    By the way, did you have to pay GST or any other fees through customs?
  7. Got to agree with you there. I'd say that if you can afford it, pay the extra. Some of the cheap gear can be good, but I've found that the extra spent does tend to buy you better gear (comfort, protection, build quality, fit, etc.) that will last longer.

    I've had cheap and expensive gear and generally speaking the expensive gear from the top 'named' brands has always felt far superior to the budget brands. That said, I haven't fallen off in nearly 20 years, so can't categorically say that the protection is better in my Alpinestars than something cheaper...

    I'd guess that maintenance would be the real issue with 250's. As they're usually owned by people just starting out, knowing what and how to maintain the bike mightn't be high on their list of priorities. That said, most bikes are pretty reliable and fairly basic, should the worst happen. Obviously an older bike will be, err older :? , but I'd buy a well maintained (documented) older bike over a tatty new one any day.

    There are some good people on this site, I'm sure someone will be happy to come along to check anything out with you, if you ask nicely.
  8. I have all the gear and they feel and look exactly the same as the stuff in the shops here. I'm very confident that they are authentic. The Ebay shops are no different to any other online stores, and Alpinestars can be bought through many stores online. FYI, I bought my stuf from Flyinbrian, i think a few people here have bought off him before.
  9. Bying online through a store that is a registered Alpinestars dealer would be fine, it's just another avenue for them to sell and expand their market, but buying off ebay is a different story.

    does this guy have a store in the US? or does he deal solely from ebay? I would email Alpinestars and check if he is a registered dealer.

    check out this link, (Alpinestars FAQ's: http://www.alpinestars.com/help.html#23 )

    I bought your product on eBay, is it authentic?

    We have been getting hundreds of complaints from customers who have purchased on eBay (or other auction/web sites) in regards to counterfeit products. To be sure that you're not buying a counterfeit product, we suggest you shop on our website or from one of our authorized retailers.

    I just took that from Alpinestars, that would suggest to me they dont sell on ebay.

    Just do some research to make sure you're paying less for the real thing rather than more for a good imitation.