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New Rider Questions (Q2. Leather or Textile?)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Myestro, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Here is question 2. (for question 1 go to https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=311526#311526)

    I know that leather is best protection, but know it wont keep me dry in the wet. So would probably go for something Textile for the rain and cold. Question: How much worse is textile at protecting? at what point would you had wished you wore leather? What I am trying to figure out here is will Textile gear do the job when required (ie. when falling off)?

    Can any unfortunate member here give me an example of any falls and how their gear handled the job. Also, while I'm on gear, I was thinking about getting the Dririder stuff for winter, but another forum in here shows that some people have had bad experiences with this brand, any advice on other decent brands for winter clothing?

    The other way I am thinking of going is to buy Leathers and a seperate wet weather waterproof suit to put on over the top if it rains, but then how will this help with blocking out the cold? I am not fussed with money when it comes to my safety, so I'm not after the cheapest option, but the best way to be comfortable and safe in the wet.

    Thanks again :)
  2. Leather all the way for me, even in the wet.

    I hate textile jackets, they're ungainly, uncomfy and unstylish (dririder mesh jacket not too bad though).

    I've had a couple of spills in textile jackets, and they do rip easily on the road, although they offer a similar level of protection as leather unless you come off at high speeds, in which case I'd reckon leather would be a bit better. Not much will rub through the fabric in either textile or leather in most spills, its hitting stationary objects that'll hurt, and neither of these will help much there.

    Leather generally only gets scuffed in a spill.

    Leather keeps you pretty dry unless it's really bucketing down. I have more confidence in the protective properties of my gear when wearing leather, which lets you concentrate on the riding.

    You can also zip most jackets to leather pants later down the rack if you start track days or hard core scratching.
  3. just have a car spare to drive in when it rains, thats what i do =p
  4. buy winter gear for winter, protection from the elements is VERY important, especially if you intend to do any early start rides. leather does protect better, but it doesn't like the wet or the cold.

    protection wise, unless you intend to be doing road racing, they will do essentially the same thing. however as cammo pointed out, your leather will scratch up a little where your textile will probably be slitghtly ruined.

    buy winter gear now and have a think about your summer kit over the next few months, you'll be able to EASILY deck yourself out with both for the money your looking at
  5. I have a vented leather jacket which I wear all year round. When it is cold I put a Rjays $20 plastic jacket over the top and this keeps the wind and the rain out. So IMO leather jacket with cheap jacket over the top.

    Pants I wear draggins so I purchased a pair of Motodry over pants that are fully waterpoof with a zip out quilted liner, throw these over the draggins and am as warm and dry as toast.

    Looked at a one piece suit but thought what a pain in the arse putting in and off all the time.

    My A* Goretex boots keep me nice and dry, thick socks in winter.

    The trick to staying warm is stop the wind!
  6. Now I have more to think about. DAMN! LIke there isn't enough allready :). I 'm not planning on doing any racing or anything like that, but will definitealy want to do an advanced riding course or the like which may be the only time I break the speed limit. I am happy to buy a set of gear for summer and winter, I want to enjoy riding and not have to stress about the weather when there is already enough to worry about when riding anyway, so might go with Coconuts idea of buying winter gear now and summer gear when I need it. With Melbourne whether though that might be never lol. Any suggestions on good wet weather gear manufacturers?

    Skeeo, I"m trying to get rid of my gas guzzler mate, this is the main reason i'm taking up riding because I dont like the idea of paying nearly $100 to fill up a fortnight and I dont take the car to work. On the bike I will spend that in a month and take it to work. anyway, I have a Valiant I am restoring which will serve as a second car to drive on friday and saturday nights when the alcoholics are on the road who dont look out for cars let along bikes.. :)
  7. Ideally you want both. Synthetic may not offer as much protection as leather, (though quality synthetic can often be better than cheap leather) but if you're wet and/or cold you're more likely to lose concentration, make a mistake and crash. Synthetics are usually much easier to wear over something else (especially pants) which will make them more suitable for commuting. Buy synthetic gear now - then look at picking up some leathers later on.
  8. Why not get the leathers and just get a Dririder waterproof overalls for about $100 for when it rains? You can roll it up and store it in the bike for when you get caught out somewhere and it starts thumping down. Cheap and effective.
  9. I was thining of getting a cheap pair of overalls for the rain to keep on the bike just in case I get caught out. not sure if that will combination of just leather and overalls will keep out the cold though? and don't want to be wearing thermals and all the rest to keep warm as it would be a pain to get changed for work in the morning and then again to go home etc.
  10. i keep my cycling wet weather stuff under my seat, has saved me a drenching or two. but no, it'll do sweet feck all against the cold (okay, it WILL help the windchill a little but in the end, theres no insulation)

    grab yourself a dririder style jacket and pants, you'll be able to fairly easily wear your normal clothes underneath for commuting and you'll stay warm as toast. you'll easily get change from $500 for a winter jacket/pants/gloves setup and then you can ride around for a while, learn what you REALLY want and then spend up on the super leather summer gear.
  11. like other have said, i started riding in winter, and i feel the cold quite badly.... so i bought both textile jacket and pants, they fit over work clothes,so you stay nice and warm and then when you get to work, just slip them off and your already dressed in work suit.... so much better then riding in summer when i have to carry my work clothes in then get changed once your there... as for offs, i had a side in my jacket, only a low speed side, maybe 20-30km, the only place the jacket torn was just above the cuff, where the zip had burnt through the material after siding down the road, and then it tork about a 50cent piece hole in it from there.... the back and shoulder sections can up fine, only a slight mark on the shoulder section.... all in all i think they are great jackets for touring/ commuting and anytime you think the weather may change but in saying that for one day rides i think i would prefer a leather jacket as i believe the proctection is better they look better, and even if you do get catch in a shower you can just use the over the top wets like other have said to get you home, if your that concerned about getting wet.

    Cheers stewy