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New rider questions (Q1. ZZR or VTR?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Myestro, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys, My name is Elias, am going for my Learners next week. Have spent the last couple of months killing the net and mostly this site to find out as much as I can about every aspect of riding. But still I have questions left unanswered. I will post these separately just too keep things little simpler. Anyway, here is question number 1.

    I am tossing up between a VTR250 and ZZR250. Want something I can ride to work every day (from Doncaster Melbourne) so only about 15 kms one way. I like the idea of the ZZR having fairings because of protection from the elements, but I like VTR because good chance I will drop the bike being a new rider. Question: How much do fairings protect? how much damage (cost wise) do I avoid dropping a faired bike (namely ZZR 250)? Won't dropping a naked bike just mean better chance to damage the tank or the frame? Easier to replace fairings I recon! What are your experiences with regard to all this? Which bike is quicker? :)

    Thanking you guys in advance, I notice you are all so helpful, would have hated to know what it was like to get your L's before the Internet and have to rely on dealers only! shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt..... :) Imagine how many people got ripped off!
  2. Heres a tip.

    Dont drop the bike and it wont cost anything to fix :grin:

    If you are going to throw it down the road, faired or naked it is going to get scratched.

    The driveway drops are the ones where a naked will fare better off.

    Test ride both, buy the one you like more.
  3. Both bikes have about the same power and speed.

    I dropped my vtr250, and then bandit 250 (both nakeds) and the damage was minimal (was getting to be a bit of a habit back then!).

    On a well designed 250 (such as the vtr), only the front guard, footpeg and handlebar weight touch the ground when on its side (and muffler on one side!), all of which is cheap to replace [I threw it down the road at 80km/h, and that was all the damge, quite amazing]. The bandit also never suffered a scratch/dent to the frame or tank.

    So no, dropping a faired bike is far more expensive! you could be up for $1000's depending on how many of the panels need replacing. The zzr also has a muffler on each side, so that'll definately need some repairs.

    You could always buy insurance if you're that sure you'll drop it...
  4. Well I hope I dont come off and dont intend to. I will simply ride as my experience and confidence allow me.

    Matt, thats a mad post, I have read through it before and learnt alot, I hope I am not regurgutating some things In here that have been covered. DOnt mean to waste anyones time.

    ANother question I forgot to add initially, what is the etiquette if you like regarding checking out a bike you're about to buy? would sellers allow you to ride it being a fresh learner? Would it be wrong for me to expect that I should be alowed a test ride or is it common practice? Can you recommend any dealers that are helpfull in this manner where I can go and have a ride of a few bikes to see what I feel more comfortable on? naturally I will make them think I am buying a bike from them lol, and no reason why I wouldn't if they gave me a good deal :)
  5. I rode around on a borrowed ZZR250 before I went & bought my own bike - the VTR250. Altho' the full fairing is good in the wind in some respects - I didn't like the way the bike would move sideways across the road when confronted with rather large oncoming trucks. I was also concerned about the cost of farings living on a dirt raod. So I opted for the VTR & have not regretted it. The nakeds are much forgiving as far as stand-still drops go :oops: (never did anything to the ZZR 'cos it wasn't mine .... ) The VTR has great low/mid range power for learning steady throttle control - as well as higher up when need be. Is easy to clean & it looks real cool :) thats my opinion anyhows!
  6. When I threw my VTR away, I did exactly that damage - front guard scratches, rear brake lever bent, muffler dinged and scratched & handlebar weight scratched. I did manage to pop the mirror off the stalk, get the rim of the headlight to touch the road as well though.. :?

    I'm happy enough with how mine crashed. :LOL:
  7. I"m beggining to like the VTR idea, I dont mind the look of either bike, I must say preffer the look of the ZZR, but at the end of the day it's only going to be a short term purchase so if I do get it a little wrong I can rectify it when I buy the bigger bike.
  8. Forget both of them, get a retsricted GSF400 bandit!

    Or if you say you live in a dirttrack area a supermoto bike is a much better idea!

    my two cents
  9. restricted to 250cc in victoria so no luck there.

    re. zzr vs. vtr i'd buy the one you want more, your time on restrictions (minimum 15 months) will feel like a longgggggg timeeee so best to get what your heart is set on.
  10. Yeah.

    tbh it isnt that hard not to drop a bike, its when you let your guard down that you accidentally just dont quite have enough strength holding it, and as for a binning it on the road, both bikes are going to get pretty f*cked at speed.

    Although.. if its high speed enough etc to be an accident which could affect the engine it will do so regardless of fairings, the protection they give is almost minimal so dont think of them as armor.

    My advice is do some advanced training sessions and then go for the prettier, (faster?) bike.
  11. OK I'm biased.... my blood may even be a shade of green .....


    1. real bikes have two pipes
    2. real bikes have fairings
    3. real bikes have a Kwaka badge
    4. Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke - Parallel Twin
    5. frame doesn't look like scaffolding
    6. it's not a Honda

    1. yes it will cost more if dropped
    2. need to remove fairings to do service


    1. less expensive if dropped
    2. cheaper/easier to service

    1. it doesnt have two pipes
    2. it doesn't have fairings
    3. it has a Honda badge
    4. it's a v-twin
    5. frame look like scaffolding
    6. it's not a Kwaka

  12. But then again parrellel twins sound like an old lady taking a trip to the john.


    you got pwned from the uk. :wink:
  13. Have a ride on VTR . . . then, a ZZ-R.

    Chances are you will prefer VTR because:

    1. its V-twin engine sounds way better than buzzing ZZ-R engine
    2. its easy-to-access low/mid rev torque is better for commuting than ZZ-R's much higher rev torque
    3. sh!t happens when you least expect; naked VTR has less plastic crap to damage
    4. all that wind on you will keep you from going too fast :LOL:
    5. ZZ-R hasn't changed much since early 90's
    6. it's easier to do oil/filter change on a VTR; no need to take any plastic panel
  14. deadmeat's nailed it. :p
  15. I'd go the VTR.....But I'm Biased. I can say though after doing learners on a Honda rebel cruiser (CA 250, air-cooled) I can't fault them, Honda's in general I mean. I can't say that any other makes take my fancy. But the storm (VTR Big Brother) I'm attached to. I love the look of the VTR 250's and I hear good reports of them as well where reliability is concerned.

    But once again, keep in mind I am biased.....but with good reason :wink:

    Firestorm. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. personally i think the VTR is a better bike
    and plus it has a good resale value as well
  17. VTR 250 has my vote as well.
    Build quality, reliability, performance and looks are all outstanding, IMHO.
    My first bike was a VTR 250 and I loved it.
    Make sure you buy some crash bungs ie Oggy Knobs to reduce the amount of damage in a drop.
    Get the Honda flyscreen. It will reduce the frontal buffetting on the VTR.
    Check out: www.austreetfighter.com.au
    There is a bloke who stunts his VTR250 and does it well!
    Daz. :wink:
  18. vtr mate all the way.
    i dropped mine within the first month, i've spent about 1400 fixing it, including new forks and staintune exhuast(1200), id hate to think of the additional cost of fixing the fairing. i dont have much experiance with any other bikes, i brought the vtr before i even had my L's, but ive got a few mates who have been riding since they were in nappies, and they all said said it was one of the best 250's they'd riden.

  19. Go the VTR250 all the way, you won't regret it.

    If your a natural and skilled rider, you'll be able to take corners on it like valentino rossi.