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New rider, one week

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by daleala, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Hi guys!
    Passed my L's about 3 months ago - H.A.R.T. at Campbellfield.
    Moved up to Ballarat a few weeks ago, and just bought a Honda CB125E to get used to the roads on.
    Thankfully had my wife to drive in front of me, was quite scary... But having done around 100km so far, feeling a lot more confident.
    Also the traffic here in Ballarat is much easier than in Melbourne, where cars seem to aim to hit anything in their way...

    I never thought it could be so fun riding a bike before now!

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  2. Welcome to NR and to a lifetime of an awesome addiction...

  3. Welcome dalealadaleala, it gets better, I promise (y) Your little CB125 is perfect for zooming around town. Highway might be a bit of an issue. Start thinking of your next bike :happy:
  4. Welcome. Have fun on the CB -- it'll teach you a lot. :)
  5. i am older and a newbie also 6 months riding 5000 kms did grat ocean road last sat melb to apollo bay and back
    melb- black spur- mansfield previous weekend. do everything at yr pace. enjoy.
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome to NR!
  8. My first bike was a cb125e also. Good bikes for learning and doing the test for your proper license. The cb125e in winter take forever to warm up and I had to use the choke for a long time. Take it easy on the cb125e, the brakes a fairly average. When i was a fresh learner i thought the brakes were pretty good however when trying to stop for a red light camera i almost lost it, was probably poor judgement on my part being a learner. I am still learner but on my p license and now have cbr250r. welcome to riding daleala.
  9. Welcome to Netrider and life on two wheels! :)
  10. Welcome :D
  11. Welcome aboard, have fun and be safe.
  12. Are you based in Ballarat? Just recently met someone at the train station who had a CB250.

    Thanks for the welcome guys and the tips - always good to listen to those who have more experience!