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New rider on the Northern Beaches, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm a biker virgin - having gained my L's about a month ago, and enjoying my 2006 Honda VTR250. Have to say I've read LOADS of useful comments/suggestions/reviews re: different bikes on this site, and as such, finally settled on the VTR250.

    Cheers for a great site!
  2. Hey Marco, welcome :)

    Always good to have another nbeacher around. I'm in narrabeen - I won't be out riding until 24th of jan, but I'll see you around then, maybe come join me on mccarrs for a few laps :grin:
  3. Welcome,
    Check out NSW events section and come to the northern 'coffee' night at Terry Hills Tavern. Its on boxing day at 7PM
  4. Welcome :)
  5. Thanks phizog, karl & ZR

    Might just catch you around :cool: ... just look out for a red VTR250 with a 'L-Plate' bolted on :LOL:
  6. Welcome, marco.

    One of our great Netrider ride mentors, jeff, lives in your area too; keep an eye out for a big 900 Hornet with a big bloke on board; that'll probably be him :LOL:.
  7. and that would be me............but enough of this big bloke please :LOL:

    Welcome Marco......what pres Karl said, come along.

  8. Thanks guys - will check with my commander and chief whether I get boxing day evening off :LOL:
  9. Hey bigchief. Welcome.

    I am a noob too. My wife and I just got our Ls. Doing the research on bikes and gear - having none of this nor any knowledge or experience!

    Was leaning (groan) towards the VTR250 - one for each of us. While I am 6'1", Sue is 5'4"; but the bike seems large enough to suit me while Sue can reach the ground OK on the balls of her feet. (We tried this last feat in the showroom on a new bike, and I am told the suspension softens a bit once the bikes get used a it, so the seat will drop maybe 1/2" in a few months also).

    So how do you like the VTR250? Any pointers?

    And I am amazed how well many bikes, including the VTR250, seems to hold their price! At around $7900 new (I presume you can barter that down a bit) plus onroads, many <2yr old VTRs still command around $7000 :shock:
  10. Hello Fellow Noob/Biker Virgin.
  11. Hi Marco, good to see yet another rider from the beaches!
    Looking forward to seeing you at coffee sometime in the new year.

  12. Hi guye777, Shant & Pink500

    Thanks for the welcome. Hope to meet some of you sometime soon... :cool:
  13. Hi guye777,

    Since I'm a biker-virgin :LOL: , my experience with bikes goes as far as the CB250 they used at the L's course in Tuggerah (yep, that's how far I went to do my pre-leaner's) and the 2006 VTR I own.

    I was initially looking at the Kawasaki ZZR250 but because of my height (5'3'') and arm reach, the instructor advised against it. He recommended I look at the VTR, a Yamaha (which I cannot remember now) and yet another bike I cannot remember.

    I did loads of reading up on the net about the bikes and the VTR kept coming up tops. So I went to a dealership and had a sit on both the VTR250 and the CBF250. The CBF250 - seat was quite a bit wider than the VTR and thus quite uncomfortable. It was also higher than the VTR. According to the dealership they could send the seat away to have it 'shaved' so that it was lower and narrow... but by then I already had my heart set on the VTR.

    Brand new VTR was going for $8,000 and the used 2006 not for much less. I ended buying a 2006 privately through http://www.bikesales.com.au/. 2006 model, bought in May this year, 2500km on the clock. Owner was moving to the UK. Got it for $6,700! Got my insurance through http://www.insuremyride.com.au/

    VTR250 itself - I've been as happy as a kid in a candystore since buying it. Fuel-economy is great (200-220km, mostly home-work commute and the occassional rides out on the weekend). Bike is very responsive. Gears are easy to change (although I think I may need to have my gear lever lowered just a bit for making downshifting easier). The bike looks good. Handles great.

    I'm slightly shorter than your wife, and with both feet down I'm fully on the balls of my feet. So no problem there. Normally when I'm standing still (one foot on the ground and the other on the footpeg, the foot on the ground is just about flat and the bike is standing up straight).

    In general: I've been told to fill up with Premium but to avoid Shell. So I tend to full up at BP and Caltex. I always have to start the bike with the choke but that's hardly a problem. One thing that urks me (but maybe it's common on most bikes) - when I do stall the bike (and thankfully this happens very, very rarely), the bike does take a while before it starts up again.

    All in all - I think this is an absolutely fantastic bike for a novice rider. It sounds good too :cool:

    Gear wise - being a shorty...I had a bit of problems...I found that the leather jackets fitted me well round the shoulder but the arms were always too long. So I settled for 'Alpinestars' jacket. Trousers - I had to shortened it :LOL:

    For my gear I went to Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove and I found them really helpful. Also, since the bike that I bought was originally from Sydney City Motorcycles, I also got a free 'basic motorcycle maintenance' course for free. They normally go for $89...have to say, it was well worth attending. As a newbie, I learnt so much!

    I hope some of what I am rambling about will be useful for you and your wife!

  14. With all these noobs from the Nth Beaches I have to wonder if Jeff or Jared have been handing out leaflets :LOL:
  15. Thanks Marco for the feedback!

    We are actually Melbourne-based, so although I do travel to Sydney quite a bit for work I am not likely to go bike shopping there! But I now have a whole new genre of shops to frequent with my newfound passion, and I do a bit of work on the North Shore, so I just might get out to Lane Cove :cool:

    But your comments on the VTR for my wife sound good - she just read your post over my shoulder and she is especially happy that your are shorter than her :roll:

    Seriously, I think it sounds like the bike to get. Now to find one over Christmas break before we go back to work.

    And have a great Christmas and New Year!
  16. ...And yet another Northern Beacher...

    You will see me around with a big L-plate usually on the ground about 10kms behind me.... but apparently the cops dont like that excuse!

    Elanora Heights Represent!
  17. :LOL: :LOL:
    Tell your wife dynamite comes in small packages!! :LOL:

    Seriously though, the VTR is a great bike. Oh and I just learnt today that when I stall, the quick way to get it started again, is to put it in neutral before hitting the starter (finding neutral can be a bit niggly but I put that down to my inexperience)....


    Have a lovely christmas and new year.

  18. :LOL: :LOL: Kenno, I got to work a few weeks ago and realised that my 'L-Plates' broke off somewhere on my journey... :shock: And I think just the day before this happening, I was reading about someone getting fined for not displaying their 'L's'...and you know how flimsy those plates are...

    Sooooooooo....I went to the 'Reject Shop', bought a $2 plastic container. Cut a bit of the plastic out to be large enough to cover the backside of the plate. Drilled 4 holes in the 4 corners (through the plate and the 'plastic backing' - then fixed the 'plastic backing' with 4 small screws and bolts...and it's been on ever since!
  19. [double post]
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