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new rider on Honda cb400

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pharcykal, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hey all out there,
    I've just bought a second hand honda cb400, 2010 model. I'm still getting used to the bike, but so far have found it to be an easy bike to learn on, very smooth with good brakes. It certainly wants to get up and go once it hits the vtec at 6700 rpm so its a bit hard keeping it to 80 kays on the open road!

    Anyway, i live in the Newcastle/Maitland area and i'm wondering if there are any bike clubs that do weekend rides. I'm itching to get out on the Putty Road, but i haven't been able to convince any of my mates to get a bike just yet, so i'd have to head out alone... Anyone got any tips?

    I'm also interested in any useful mods that people have done to their cb400's. I notice a fair bit of discussion around exhausts... i looked up the price of some, seems you can fork out some serious cash for that aural pleasure! I like the idea, but not sure i can justify the expense, any ideas on value for money options would be welcome.


  2. Congrats, great bike to learn on.

    Best mods are right angled valves, heated grips. Rim stickers look good on mine. Tail tidy if you are into that. Consider lower bars for a sportier/cafe look maybe.

    I could never see the value in an exhaust mod. I liked the sound you get higher up in the rpm range with the stock exhaust.

    Welcome to the forummm
  3. Enjoy it!! I'm still learning and getting used to mine, but great bike to learn on.

    An exhaust upgrade is a personal thing, when Vtec kicks in, it sounds even better than the stock :) The exhaust tone completes changes over 6.5k rpm.
  4. welcome to NR, congrats on the bike, learn nice n easy and you wont stop smiling :)
  5. Thanks for the welcome.

    "Learning nice and easy", its easier said than done! I'm now at what i reckon must be the most dangerous stage of feeling more confident, but still without much experience, i have to remind myself every time i get on it.

    Thanks for the tips - i like the idea of customising my bike, even though i reckon the cb400 is a very nice looking little bike.

    Attached a pic of my pride and joy!

    Attached Files:

  6. Same as mine ;)
    One quick newbie tip (being a newbie myself) keep the chain clean and nice lube regularly!
    It makes the bike much smoother I believe.

    My CB just clocked over 2k ks and I only just clean/lube the chain for the first time last week.
    Felt the diff straight after!
  7. Welcome to Netrider, and the Netrider Honda 400 Appreciation Society :LOL:
  8. Hey thanks for the tip. What do you use to lubricate it? I have some spray stuff, can't remember what its called. I asked my mechanic about chain maintenance, he said they don't need much so long as they're tensioned right and don't get twists in them. But from doing a lot of push bike riding i know how much difference a well lubed chain makes.


    BTW - i found this link on another thread to exhaust mods done in Singapore - they look awesome! Wish we could get these here...
  9. Welcome in mate.

    Search for Brumby, he rides a fair bit around your way. In fact there are quite a few of us up that way. Also check in to the local dealers. They sometimes do a monthly ride which is a great way to meet others and take it from there.


  10. I was recommended the Motul spray lube by guys on here and the bike shop.
    Ended up getting the Factory line lube because it was the only one left in the store.
    Cost about $25 or so, but seems to work well.
    I haven't noticed much fling off.
    Not sure how long they last per application as I only lube/cleaned last week.
  11. Ok, i will, thanks Cam.

    I'll give that chain lube a go, cheers.

    Sky9 - do you have a screen on your cb? I was looking at some pics, they look pretty small and don't mess with the appearance of the bike too much, but just wondered if they actually do anything useful in terms of reducing wind buffeting. I was riding into a strong headwind today and it left like i had wings on back or something, there was so much lift - like i was about to take off!

    My plan is to eventually do the odd bit of touring - just weekend stuff - but if I was on the bike all day I reckon some extra protection might be wanted...
  12. Hi Im new myself I live in the same area Hope you have heeps of fun .Nice bike
  13. No, no screen on my CB.
    I know what you mean about the wind on the chest. Apparently at hwy riding, the screen does make a pretty big diff.
    But I really like the front naked look :)
  14. Naked look is p0rn, but as you mentioned it gets annoying without it.

    Nice bike! :)