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new rider on gold coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wheeler84, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. howdy all,

    just thought I should introduce myself, i'm currently learning to ride on the Gold Coast through a QRide provider, even though I grew up in country Vic somehow I managed to never ride a motorbike until this year!

    Training is going good, although taking a bit longer than expected... going from complete virgin to 250cc ready in about 10 hours... although my mate who was in the same situation did it in 4. I think he got lucky with his instructor! I'm happy to get the thorough training, although the instructor told me in other states it costs $60 for a 2 day course.... its costing me $50 an hour! Could that be the QLD backward on yet something else ? :p

    I'm on the hunt for a CBR250RR for my first bike, by nearly all accounts they are quick, reliable, and look cool! I made a post trying to get some advice regarding the odometer and how much to pay here. Ok that didn't work, gotta have 5 posts before I can post URLs. well its in the Bike Reviews forum!

    I'm also in the business of website development, I run my own business on the Gold Coast called Thomas Multimedia.... thats what keeps me busy way too often, and getting some time off from business is where a motorbike comes in

    May there be many more posts to come! :grin:
  2. Welcome wheeler84,

    I too have just got my learners only last week in melbourne,

    The reason for my madness was to escape from the tribe of kids that are always around my place.

    But somewho that didn't work, now all the kids in the neighbour hood are always around.

    Hope you finish the course soon, so you can really enjoy it.

    Welcome to the mad house.

  3. cheers, rider training is ok, but doesn't feel great doin 100k on there trainer bikes through the hills! i'll be much more comfortable on a sports bike im sure.
  4. Welcome Wheeler! The CBRs are definitely fun in the hills :wink: . All the best with your search for the right bike.
  5. elo.... welcome to the forums. Your on the Goldocast eh? Well there are a few events for qlder's here we go:

    brissy netrider and other happy forum people...

    breaky at my place.

    the next group ride...

    oh and not to forgett:


    the loonies coming up from teh south... :!:

    If you want to talk bikes breakky is this saturday!
  6. cool thanks for the heads up, good to see there is plenty on around here!
  7. hi im new as well.

    there certainly is a lot going around here.

    q ride is great, when i had to get my 250 license i had like 5 half hour sessions learning weekly, then had to book a test a qld transport, and do a show for the tester, nerve racking when u are broke and cant afford to fail.

    passed luckily, only made 1 mistake. i think you were allowed 3 then?

    anyway, welcome to you.
  8. eyyy pope. Where did you spring from?
  9. my instructor was telling me everytime you put your right foot down you lose a point, I think its 3 or 5 points and then automatic fail... i've had to demonstrate all kinds of stuff:

    - riding at extremely low speed for 11 seconds in about a 80cm lane
    - slaloms
    - figure 8s
    - emergency stops
    - hill starts
    - riding around quiet streets and through the hills

    only thing left to do is to lead the instructor in heavy traffic around the Gold Coast and demonstrate that I know what i'm doing...

    man this sure is different to getting my P plates for my car a few years ago... that was easy in comparison. Granted I didn't start from scratch a few weeks earlier...
  10. Hey wheeler.My first bike was a 250RR.pretty toey for a 250 but don't really get goin til about 10-12000 revs. then hang on. easy to ride below that.remember ,it will only as fast as your right wrist will tell it to. ride safe and have fun.
  11. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  12. welcome to the boards....we will be up your way soon
  13. my eyes light up every time as I look out the window, cos I can see most of the ranges surrounding the gold coast... and I know behind that, there are plenty more :grin:
  14. and as soon as you get your bike and i get mine working again I'm up to riding around and show you a fair few of them!