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New Rider - on a Royal Enfield

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by milligna, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    Thought I'd get a post in so my account doesn't get "pruned". :) I've been a rider for about 4 months now on a new 2012 Royal Enfield C5. I'm really enjoying the bike, and have been getting out and about with the guys from the Royal Enfield Club for a few. I'm interested in learning a few of the nicer rides around the Melbourne area - One I'm hoping to do soon is a circumnavigation of the bay via the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry. If anyone's done that, I'd love some tips on good roads to take out west to get to Queenscliff without too much freeway riding.

    Anyway, Here's a photo of my shiny Enfield.



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  2. Nice ride, welcome.
  3. Welcome Kev, yes a problem out west to avoid the boringness that is the Geeling rd. Try swinging out through the Brisbane Ranges to improve things.

    Mappy Linky
  4. Pretty bike!
  5. Thanks guys!

    Good route there CJ. Had a bit of a poke around on google street view and it looks like quite a pleasant jaunt through some picturesque countryside.
  6. G'day Kev :)
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  7. Morning Kev.

    Welcome to NR & and an awesome bike you got there.

    Ride safe.
  8. big kev ?
    g day and what year is that bike?
  9. That's a 2012 Enfield, Phil.
  10. They are a beautiful bike, aren't they! Welcome, and enjoy the Enfield.
  11. Wow, nice bike. Welcome :)
  12. Thanks guys!
  13. Are you actually a learner, or do you already know how to ride?
  14. I'm a real-life learner. I've put 6200k on the thing so far.
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  15. That's fantastic, in 4 months! I feel extremely slack. I'm a learner also, I've had my bike since August so 5 - 6 months and have definitely done less than 1000kms. Obviously I need to get out there more. ;)
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    What the heck are you doing? Especially in the middle of summer?

    You're in Northcote. So take the Eastern Fwy, exit at Sprinvale Rd, to Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, and then it's east to Yarra Glen and out to healesville via Chum Creek or Myers Creek rds, then the Black Spur, and at a later point the Reefton Spur too, or from Kangaroo Ground up to King Lake, King Lake West and up to Yea. So many fantastic roads waiting for you. If you're nervous about going on your own, then post up a ride invite on NR with the suggestion that a more experienced rider offers to join in and lead the way.
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  17. That's the easiest way to go. Nice half day ride and you're back before breakfast. Or an an enfield, just after dinner.
  18. Beingness - I've been doing a lot of rides out through Lilydale to Healesville/Warburton/Yarra Glen back through Kangaroo Ground and Eltham. Some of those rides were a little scary as a learner. One nice mild easy ride that I've been doing lately is straight down Beach Road from St Kilda to Frankston via Nepean Highway. That's very pleasant and not too fast.
  19. Probably just cautious, but got my training wheels off last weekend and went up to Yarra glen and through Eltham which was good. Im finding it takes a bit to get used to traffic! I

    I'm quite curious about enfields so if any of you Enfield riders would like to hook up for a ride that would be great. Thx for the tips on rides. Beach rd etc sounds good will give that a go next week I think.