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New Rider - Older bloke

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by frodg, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    New to all things bikes, but, having wanted to ride for 30 years and finally getting the kids old enough to vote, I went and got my Ls two months ago. Bought a comfortable cruiser - so the arthritic joints are looked after - Suzuki vl 250.

    Can I say that I should have done this a long long time ago. Every day I ride for around an hour or two and every day I have a ball!!!!! The Old Pacific hwy , Wisemans Ferry run is great for my level of skill.

    Go for my full licence in two weeks so wave when you see me. I'll be the rider with the big grin.

    (Great forums by the way)
  2. woo-hoo, another half-centurian joins Netrider; welcome :),

    So, full license soon. Are you going to upgrade straight away? You can, you know!!
  3. Another OFARC maybe???

    Welcome frodg, where ya from?
  4. Sydney somewhere, I guess.......
  5. G'day mate and welcome.

    I love the wisman ferry run ,good road for cruising and learning.
  6. Welcome mate. You're never to old to say to yourself I should have done this years ago!
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  8. Thanks for the welcome.

    I live in Thornleigh, north of Sydney, just off the highway.. So I head north every weekend.....

    And as for the upgrade when I get the full licence, I know that the bloke who sold me the bike (a friend of a friend) regrets the sale and if I play my cards right I might convince him to buy it back.

    What are the ethics around buying a bike with 7,500kms on the clock, riding it for three months and then asking him to buy it back for the same price but with 12,000 km on it? After all it is not much older!!! :LOL:
  9. You're doing him a favour... think how much more experience that bike has!!
    He's lucky you don't ask him to pay extra for it :LOL:
  10. Well it's about time you go into it! By the sounds of it, I don't need to tell you to have fun :grin:
  11. Welcome frodg
  12. Omg another silly old bastard.

    Good of you to keep us all company.
  13. Yay!
    Congratulations- another oldie learning to ride! :grin:
    Welcome and enjoy! :)
  14. ah, you've found the elixir of life :dance: keep doing that hour or two a day and you'll strip away the years before you know it. welcome aboard mate. enjoy. c x
  15. Yep, my sentiments exactly. Shoulda dunnit years ago. Enjoy yourself.
  16. Same thing....should've done it years ago.
    But isn't the old saying "you are only as old as the bike you feel" or something like that.

    Enjoy & welcome Frodg.
    Good luck with your test.

    Hope we see you at coffee soon.
  17. G'day Frodg

    Another "noob" and an old fart to boot? -- Hey, I feel right at home here! Us oldies gotta stick together (which usually happens when the legs of our Zimmer frames get tangled anyway ...) :LOL:

  18. hey welcome!! Its so cool when mature age people finally get the opportunity to do the things they've always wanted to especially when it gives you soo much joy, makes you feel young again!!!!
  19. A quick update.

    Got the full licence on Thursday last week. Straight onto a black licence cause I am oldish.

    On Friday I took a ride up the old Pacific Highway to Broke, then down the Putty Rd to Windsor. (I couldn't go on Sunday for the Netrider's Learner's ride so I did it early).

    Absolutely the best ride, and not being speed limited made all the difference for the longer straight sections. I do admit to taking the corners a little slower however :)

  20. :woot: Congrats on getting your licence! There'll be no keeping you home now :grin: