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New Rider; Obligatory warning

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Lazyman, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. G'day all.
    New rider in a small backwater town called Sydney here, some of you may have heard of it.
    Sitting on my recently acquired motorcycle L(unatic) plates at the moment while I've been browsing all the toy-store websites (bikesales, gumtree, etc.).
    Not quite sure about what bike to get first up, something cheap to buy and run that I won't get bored riding would be nice.
    Once I get a bike I'll be attending the homebush meets on Saturdays as soon as I'm reasonably confident I won't road test my safety gear as soon as I get to Parramatta Rd.
    Until then any advice/suggestions/comments you have I'll take under advisement, and I'll be lurking all over the forum to get a sense of the place.

    Currently I'm armed with; Licence, helmet and gloves.
    Looking to acquire; Motorcycle Goodness.
    Currently reading about/trying to figure out;
    - Decent boots you don't want to change as soon as you get off the bike
    - Decent all round jacket which is comfortable and fairly all-weather, armoured.
    - Decent riding pants, I was going to order some RHOK as they seem well reputed on here but they're out of stock at the moment apparently.

  2. Welcome.
    Let me know if you need a hand looking over any potential purchase, happy to help where I'm available.
  3. Welcome to the first leg of the journey.
  4. Welcome lazyman, from another lazy man. ;)

    Best of luck with the shopping...I still have the Dririder jacket and ICON shoes that I bought more than 3 years ago. They make good quality stuff.
  5. Welcome. Can I make what might seem like a crazy suggestion? Don't go shopping for gear at the huge superstores, because they have too much choice and it could be confusing....
  6. Sounds like solid advice, that's why at the moment I've been talking to as many riders as I know to get their opinions on different styles of gear and lurking around forums like this one to try to get an idea of what works and what doesn't.

    I picked up my helmet from Mcas, the thinking there was they had a range I could try on for fit, but I only walked in there after looking around and talking to people to try to get a sense of what to look for. While I was there I happened to also pick up some gloves which were in the On-Sale bin which I tried on and was really surprised with the fit and feel of them, tried a few other gloves off the wall and they were nowhere near as good as the ones on clearance.

    As for the rest of the gear I'm just taking my time and reading as much as I can, but also trying to take opinions with a grain of salt.
  7. Welcome to netrider!

    I bought what I thought I needed, bought new gear 3 months later when the season changed and bought different gear again when I started track days. Not to mention the glove and rain suit upgrade that happened after my first trip in a REAL downpour!

    Everyone will tell you what works for them. Trick is to figure out what works for you. With biking that's the fun part!

    Good luck!