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New Rider - NSW Ryde Area

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shant, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Nice to be here,

    Great Site.

    BTW, I am abit of a newcomer to bikes even tough I had my L's a long time ago I never went onto my provisionals.

    Doing the L's soon, oh joy, atleast this time I wont have to wear their helmets, they smell like barf, got myself an x11, well worth the investment,

    For what my friend calls a pinhead, not my fault my heads a small :?

  2. G'day Welcome.
  3. welcome shant.........always good to have a newbie in amongst us.

    Fill in your profile and tell us what you ride etc etc

    don't be shy and come along to a coffee meet.

    From Ryde you are pretty central to three of them (Randwick on Monday nights, Terry hills every other Wednesday night and Rouse hill each each Saturday afternoon)

    Karl comes from your area.


  4. Hey shant, welcome mate.

    What are you riding these days? See you on some rides soon.
  5. Welcome Aboard mate ! :)
    Glad you found your way here ..

  6. Caged in Swift

    Thanks guys *feels welcomed*

    I can come to the meets, but dont you guys ride from there?

    I will have to come *caged* in my Swift,

    Yeah, sorry to say that I dont have a bike of my very own,

    I am looking to borrow a mates CBR 250, to get learning, hes been letting the bike rot for 10 months now, even he would rather see someone use it then it just sit there, So I wil have to insure it, and also take out health cover, :roll: its morbid to think you need this, but better safe than sorry.

    Yeah, I have been trying to do things a bit backwards i.e. get hlemet, gloves, jacket, still have to get some pants and good riding boots but I will be able to invest in some real nice ones, I really like teh Teknic range, The names say it all the "Violator Glove" Sounds like something else other than a bike glove, but the Violator range is real nice tough, so hopefully budget bikes down at Yagoona will have a sale so I can afford the rest of the stuff I want.

    I picked up a RJAYS "Lemane" jacket real cheap, 115 to be exact of a user who is on here and NissanSilvia aswell (I know its very diff. - but the dude was a really good guy *thanks Tam*)
  7. Good getting the gear.. Yes I'm sure the violators are tough.. :LOL:

    The one at terry hills when the weather is good the guys often meet at 730, go for a ride and are back by 7 (see ride and events pages for details).

    The next terry hills tavern meet I'll be coming via car as well (mazda 626, my bomb out bombs yours! :grin: ) as I can't ride my SV until I get fulls, which isn't for another month.
  8. Welcome to the newbie club :grin:
  9. Thanks Guys, Great to see noobs and the initiated making me feel welcome.

    I will have to make an effort to come to a meet even if I am caged.

    BTW, My car is a swift, but its no regular car, the licence plates ITSMAD will be hard to live up too but I dont work 3 jobs for nothing. It shouldnt take more than 3 years to build the car to the standard that I will be happy with,

    Maybe 4, as I want top gear to ride with and a new bike soon,

    I will add pics to this thread, as soon as I can theres like a 5 post min or something

    Oh, and before you all think i will automatically buy a ginxser,

    I fell inlove with a Kwaka on Friday night, red and sexy, my friend dragged me away as he was afraid the owner might come back and "get us", but to be fair I was only drooling over it def no touching.