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New Rider - North Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sporley, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hey All.
    I am a new 42yo rider and live in North Sydney. I have just passed the HART pre learners course with my wife and we have bought a Honda CB125e to learn on and share with my wife until we have both gained more experience. I do not know what style of bike i will ultimately like to own and am drawn to both Cruisers and Adventure Tourers. I am hoping after a bit more experience i can make up my mind. Does anyone know of a good place to practice riding skills in heavilly conjested North Sydney?

  2. homebush learner sessions bud...type i think it's "sydney learner session" in the search bar of the forum...shouldn't be too far from you hopefully and there's a good group of guys there every saturday who are all supportive and help people sharpen their skills time and time again
  3. I live in North Sydney and happy to take a ride with you. Jut for fun or if you want some tips and tricks regarding driving.
  4. Hi mate welcome! Nth Sydney oval has a carpark which should be good for a few u turns etc. Welcome and if you see a black sv650 say hi :)