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New Rider North Brisbane looking for people to ride with.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WackoZacko15, May 23, 2015.

  1. Hello, My name is Zacko and I'm looking for other new rider's and some more experience rider's to ride with and help teach me how to ride and how to maintain my bike. I'm located North Brisbane (Mt. Coo-Tha) so it would be nice to have some people to ride with, It would also be cool if anyone also goes to Griffith Uni Nathan campus. :)

    I hope to hear from anyone who might be interested. :)
  2. Hi mate, welcome to NR.

    I'm west side but go riding a fair bit up Glorious and all over the place. Always keen for more riders.

    Stay active on the board and keep an eye out when I post a ride on a weekend coming up soon.
  3. Okay cool I'll have to keep that in mind. Will keep my eye out for it. :)
  4. There's Brisbane Motorcycle Newbies on meetup, nice supportive crowd and the routes they pick are generally on the easier side. Only downside is some ride can be massive, 30+ riders I find irritating as stops take forever and the pace suffers.
  5. Okay thanks, I guess I'll check them out. But the stops and the pace sound like something that would be good for a beginner rider like me. :)
  6. Theres a few on this weeked, I'll probably go along to the Mt Glorious ride
  7. I'm keen. Bike is going in for 1k service tomorrow so I can ride all weekend without worrying about k's!! Did Mt Glorious last weekend, seemed to be the only one coming from Somerset back into town though. Followed a car over, so I couldn't do anything too stupid and kill myself! Downhill stints weren't my favourite and could use more practice!