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new rider..no idea mechanically

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hromero89, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. hi everyone i just got my new bike ninja 250R, YES!! loving it!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: but im noticing that when i go for a ride when i stop the idle revs are sometimes higher than normal..1,000-1,500 being normal from what i know?

    just wanting to know if this is a normal occurrence or if there is something i should be checking?
  2. Dont know what the general idle is on the bike but is the choke 'off'?
  3. My 08 ninja idles at exactly 1500rpm, higher when the choke is on of course. I don't believe this will be the same for all bikes though. I'm sure someone can with correct knowledge of how it works will post here.
  4. Each bike is going to have a slightly different idle RPM, but around 1500 sounds right. Ring the bikeshop up and ask.
  5. Gratz on the bike, the Ninja is a lot of fun :D

    There is an idle screw which you can set yourself if it is idling too fast when at operating temperature. Sitting on the bike, drop you left hand down and the screw is between the fairings.

    From the Ninja 250R Service Manual:

    Idle Speed 1,300 ±50 r/min (rpm)
    Suggests that you check the idle speed when warm by also moving the handle bars all the way to ensure that you don't have a faulty throttle cable. They also suggest that you open and close the throttle before/after adjusting.

  6. Just did my pre learners today but it was heaps windy and not far from raining and I wasnt able to recall what the choke is for. Gust of wind must of cut off the sound at that second, could someone tell me what its for?

    I googled it nevermind. It's fir cold starting the bike, right?
  7. Yes it is :p
  8. Good reply, arc!!

    My mechanic reckons he prefers a bike to be idling faster rather than slower, because it spins the oil pump quicker. I don't know if that's snake-oil or not, but it seems to make sense.
  9. Seems a bit pointless pumping cold oil around a cold motor tho? Probably better to ease it up to operating temperature.

    That engine is known to be grumpy when cold - could be why its idle has been adjusted higher than normal.

    How old is the bike? Odometer reading would be handy since the issue could be caused by other things and not just the idle adjustment.
  10. ne, he means at idle warm

    warming up the idle would be a bit higher