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New rider no clue for gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hotshot993, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I tried using the search function but I come from a different forum and don't really get how to use this one.
    But I'm after ideas/help on what gear to get. I have no idea what brands are good what's good or anything, first time getting a bike.
    So far I have been told shoe helmets are good and get some draggin jeans.
    But what about winter riding, rain, summer and all that. I don't have $$$$ to spend but want to be protected.
    Thank you very much for any help I receive.

  2. where are you located?
  3. Get a helmet brand that fits you, something that is middle of the range in price is just as good as an illfitting shoei, if not better.

    If you are on a budget for gear get manmade, its more versatile and will last longer. Again middle of the range, not cheapest not dearest. Look for quality stitching and lots of armour.
  4. I'm located Brisbane, QLD.
    I saw some jeans like the draggin jeans on eBay from takamaii I think the name was, good looking product. But I don't like buying offline I want to test size. Ok any ideas on places around Brisbane for good places too look?
  5. You're spot on, don't buy without trying on. Fit is just as important as quality of materials and construction. Draggin type pants are a very useful piece of clothing to have, but they won't match a good set of leathers for protection.

    Whatever you buy, make sure it's comfortable to wear and that any armour can't be rotated away from the joint it protects. Have a good look yourself at stitching and materials, and don't listen to patter from salesmen. Most of them don't have a clue what they're talking about anyway.

    If you're investing decent money on leathers, you're welcome to shoot me a PM and I'll give you an honest opinion on the quality of products. Good quality gear will last longer and keep you safer. Good luck!

    Shoei helmets are good, but so are a lot of others, so don't get fixed on any one particular brand.
  6. Sweet. Thanks for that. Are you able to mention some middle range leathers to get info on? Can pm if you want,
    Once again thanks for the help guys.
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  9. In regards to weatherproofing, you can get fairly cheap over-pants (and I believe over-jackets too (i'm sure that's not what they're called but whatever)) that work just fine, so you can concentrate on getting gear that fits right. My RJays waterproof pants were like $90 or something and work perfectly.
  10. There's great, medium and shitty riding gear out there. Most of it is priced accordingly.

    The only companies I would never advocate buying from are those with something to hide.

    When they say "our leathers are designed and tested here in Australia" that usually means "but they're made in a 3rd world sweatshop".
  11. get an perforated jacket (mesh type) with a removable lining, a decent one (alpine stars) is $200ish these are the best as its the only option that will keep you cool in summer. its alot easier to throw an extra top on to be warmer, then it is to make something cooler. and the removable lining will do a great job in winter.

    steer clear of anything that is water resistant. these get hot, make you sweat (and stink) and are useless in anything more then a light rain. get a 1 piece (over the top) rain suit instead. its much better protection from the wet - and will keep wind out with the perforated jacket.
  12. Spenaroo, I've ridden through a heavy storm with my waterproof jacket and not got a drop on me, so you're incorrect on that point. But like you said, it's hot as shit so you really need a summer jacket too.

  13. ive ridden through a heavy storm in my waterproof dri rider jacket and got 100% soaked, where as my mates in non waterproof just normal dianese jackets were dry.

    **** buying waterproof gear, just buy regular gear and get the waterproof over pants/jacket.
  14. *shrug* I'm just relating my personal experience with my own waterproof jacket
  15. There is a lot of brands that say waterproof but don't offer any rating on the gear at all. Most brands that sell waterproof gear in Australia, sell products that are not breathable and have no lining in them, therefore are hot, sweaty and stinky.
    But people are happy to buy them because of the low price point and put up with the crappy product they purchased.
  16. That last part there is exactly what I'm going to be doing.
    Thanks again guys
  17. I did my MOST last weekend and instructor handed handed out copies of The Good Gear Guide - it's a 3 MB PDF download. It's published by the The National Road Safety Council.

    For someone who has (had) next to no clue, I reckon it's at least an excellent starting point. I wish I knew about this booklet last year.
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  18. Talk to Takamii on these forums, or through his website: www.rhok.com.au. I believe he's got stuff in a store in Albion.

    Tell him he looks like the guy from Tron and you might get a discount :p

    Alternatively, go to a dealership. Moss St at Springwood should have just about any size of any brand.
  19. Flattery gets you everything hackavatar. :)

    I don't like to comment to much as I do not want to inadvertently blow my own whistle or in some way degrade some one else's product

    asking other consumers is the best way to go as you have done here already for they will point you in the right direction and tell you of their experiences

    If you plan to be a 100% of the time rider with an on the edge riding style then most likely a full set of two piece leathers is the best option. This will mean they can double up for use on track days as well.

    If you are a recreational rider who's riding style is more sedate then full leathers may be overkill.

    Work out your riding style , frequency of riding and budget and go from there in your choices of product. ( there must be a mathematical equation that can be done for this somehow )

    There is a lot of good value to be had out there if you shop wisely - you will kit yourself out and not break the bank and be fully protected.