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New rider & new to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DanielN, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Third time lucky - I've just figured out that my first two posts were in completely the wrong places and were actually replies to other people's threads - you see, I'm also new to forums and so am still learning how they work.

    So, today is the big day - learner's permit test today! Should really get out of bed soon, have to be at Calder Park by 09:00.

    Will be my first time being in control on a bike (have been pillion before) so very excited/nervous at the same time.

    ...not sure how many people are awake browsing the forums at this hour on a Thursday but any last minute tips before I head off?

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  2. Relax, listen, and enjoy the experience.
  3. Best of luck.
    Yeah, pay attention and enjoy it.
  4. it will be fun, enjoy it!
    and welcome to Netrider :happy:
  5. As above, deep breath, relax your grip, be in the moment riding is awesome :)
  6. Wow thanks everyone. So, I'm just here having breakfast at a place close by, and was wondering if wearing your own gear on the learners day is frowned upon or anything? I brought along my helmet and jacket and gloves that I bought on Monday.
  7. Your own gear is fine, don't overthink it.
  8. Haha thanks mate, okay you're not the first person to specifically tell me to not overthink it, so that seems to be the way to go (y)
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  9. Good luck Daniel! (y)
  10. Hi DanielNDanielN, welcome to NR. All the best for today. +1 to all the above advice. Just my 2c about your new gloves. I presume they are brand new pair of motorcycle gloves? They might be quite a bit stiff, and that might affect your feeling for clutch biting point. Your own helmet and jacket is fine, but I'd use school's gloves. At those slow speeds you'll be going you don't really need riding gear. Once again, good luck and enjoy all the fun!
  11. Good luck Daniel, just chill, relax, listen and enjoy. The day will only make you keener to get on a bike once you finish today!

    Welcome to NR.
  12. My 2c - don't wheelie in front of the instructor, this is likely to result in a big fail!

    Seriously, relax and enjoy, and good luck. Let us know how you go...
  13. Welcome to Netrider and a lifetime of addiction. Irrational Expenses may be incurred in future.

    You have been warned.
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  14. So.... I passed! :D

    It was really fun, we did a lot more actual riding (about 3.5 hours on the bike) than I had imagined, I had pictured in my head a lot more Power Point presentations, safety videos and the like, but it was greetings, sign some forms, put on gear and jump on a bike!

    Instructor was great, very patient, had a good way to explain things especially to someone who had never ridden any bike before (the other guys who did the course with me had dirt bike experience) so no complaints there.

    The Melbourne weather played nice for the most part, it did rain lightly for a little bit so thankfully my jacket worked as advertised. Fr33dm - you were exactly right, brand new gloves were a little stiff so until I got used to it finding the friction point (aka "breakfast") was a little tricky at first.

    DonJuan - precisely right, walked out super keen to buy a bike ASAP! I am/was/am/was planning on saving up a month or two longer to afford an MT-07 BUT I might give into temptation, hit the bank, grab some cash out and buy a Ninja 300 as soon as I can because I can afford that right now. We'll see.

    Had awesome fun, passed, now want to buy bike and start learning properly! Thanks for the tips everyone!
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  15. Haha no wheelies were done, thanks! :)
  16. Well done and welcome you will find these forums very helpful I did :)
  17. Well done mate, exciting times! But may I suggest you go and test ride a number of bikes before handing over any of the folding stuff. Try get a feel for what you like most, and if you're big/heavy then consider larger capacity rather than smaller as in general you'll get better torque "pull". Many threads about all of this so have a search for them under "which bike to buy".

    Also consider used a new, see threads above.....

    Have fun testing :)
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  18. Don't worry about riding the bike you will know when its the right bike just by looking at her, its the same as a woman mate hehe :)
  19. Woo hoo!!!! Welcome to life on two wheels :) Well done Daniel, great to hear you enjoyed your test experience and got the ticket to ride. Now is for the best and most fun part - bike shopping! Decisions, decisions ;)
  20. BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET has a ninja 300 for sale
    welcome to the forum mate