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New Rider New Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Buzzcola, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    My names is Martin, im 28 and i live in Melbourne. Been riding for 2 weeks now and finally have a chance to make this post. (To busy riding :) )
    I work in the IT industry and have always had some intrest in bikes but as few people he have also expierence family and friends not supporting the idea.

    So my fiance and I are driveing back from somewhere about 2 months ago when she drops the bomb.. " Id love to know how to ride a bike". Well that was all it took.. Next day i call he up at work and tell here were booked in for our L's in 2 weeks.

    The following week im in the dealership putting a deposit on a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja in Black. Ready for pick up the day after I got my L's.

    So finally enjoyed riding it a bit then making this post.

    Hopeful I can join you guys next week or the following Tuesday for the learners get together. Been looking forward meeting some other riders and learning more about bikes in general.

    My instructor on the day said that "The nicest people you can meet are bikers". And already my first expierence was yesterday riding home in the wet on the freeway. Another biker who was ahead of me (even he was only on his P's) had slowed down and rode behind me untill I got off on my exit then passes me giving me the thumbs up, I give him a nod back to thanks him for look out for me as he passes me.

    So heres my ride and hopeful soon a new exhaust :)

  2. Hi and welcome...
    Its a great new life that opens up isnt it?
    New to it all myself and am loving every minute!
    Did the mrs get a new bike too?
    You ever feel like a cruise to the country send me a pm, always keen for an excuse to go riding ;)
  3. Well Initally we were supose to share the bike but when we went to get our L's She was ok on the first day on the bike but when she went on the bike the second day she freaked out a bit as the instructor on the second day had tolled he some horror stories and decided the riding wasnt for her.
    Yeh going for aride in the country sounds geat.. only problem is i have clocked up about 700K's on the bike an need to book it in for its first service soon.
  4. hasnt she heard the horror stories of car accidents yet? LOL

    Everyday u wake up can end in a horror story..Trick is to enjoy what you have ;)

    No hurry...when ever your free , hit me up ;)
  5. Hi Martin you and your Mrs' story sounds like mine and my Mr's :LOL: Mr went for his Pre-Learner's two weeks before me so he was able to give me pointers, what they did on the day etc. Mr bought the 2010 Ninja as well but in the Special Ed green. I bought a 2nd hand gpx250 in red :D Only got my L's yesterday, 2nd day of Pre-Learners was Thursday...I'm loving riding eventhough I'm only doing back streets at the moment.
  6. Back streets are good. Do not underestimate back streets as a valuable place to gain skills. Then when you do go out and play in the traffic you are better able to focus on that rather than just the mechanics of riding.
  7. Thanks GreyBM! My major problem is that I'm quite short and can touch one feet on the ground when on flat surfaces, when I get to stop sign or the end of a street where I need to turn into another street, most often than not the streets are slightly dipped, so I get nervous that I won't accelerate fast enough and get over the dip and keep going before the car gets to me 8-[ Hopefully practice will get me there.
  8. Its good to know im not alone. :)