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New Rider New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scottjosnic, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Hello All

    Sydney based 54 year old male very new to bikes. Started off on a Yamaha XV650 Cruiser loved it at first then come of my “Ps” and brought a Triumph Sprint 1050 2007 model. Love it, love the weekend rides with my mates and love the occasional trip away. I now have become “very” dependent on the bike trip away. My trips so far are 4 of 3 day trips around NSW by myself , 2 week trip to Tassie with three others and a one week trip to the Moto GP last year by myself and a 3 day return trip with some friends. Since owning the sprint I have put 31,000 kms on her in 2.5 years. Absolutely love to ride and loveto get away and to make it even more worthwhile I have my wife’s blessing as long as it’s not every weekend.

    Stumbled across this website recently and noticed the “connecting riders” part of their logo which really interested me. After navigating the site and reading the forums and especially the trip organisers and the trip stories/diaries I decided to join and hence here, introducing myself.

    My current dream would be to ride to Uluru, but my friends have shown no signs of interest when I bring the topic up. I have no problems going away by myself but to ride to Uluru would be very adventurous and scary. I also fear my wife would not let me do this type of trip unless I had a travelling partner. This is another reason for joining Net Rider, I thought it could be a good meeting place for likeminded riders who would like to ride to Uluru.


  2. Welcome ScottJosNic, lots of like minded people here so I am sure you will find some fellow travelers. The Black Dog ride was to the Red Centre last year it would have been a good one to tag along with. Keep an eye out I am sure there will be other rides and some may head that way.
  3. Welcome!
    Going to Uluru would be a bit much for me at the moment (with a two-month old daughter) and for my bike, but I admire your spirit of adventure and I understand your passion.

    Hope you enjoy your time here.